Sister Wives: Can Janelle Brown Move To Coyote Pass?

Sister Wives: Can Janelle Brown Move To Coyote Pass?

It seems that the housing situation is getting quite complicated for Janelle Brown. While the rest of the sister-wives are living comfortably in their luxurious houses, Kody Brown’s second wife and mother of his first child may be forced to move out of her current home. This is because her rental house was on the market. Although it appears that the house has not yet been sold, she may have to move out once it is. So where will she live after that?

Sister Wives: Can Janelle Brown Move To Coyote Pass?

When fans learned that Janelle Brown’s rental house had been put up for sale, the first option they thought of was that she would move to the family’s Coyote Pass property. But when those suggestions started coming in, Janelle uploaded a video to her Instagram to dispel any doubts.

The video showed the barren land of their Coyote Pass property, with not a single house up or under construction. So moving there would not be an option for another woman. It was, however, when people came forward to say that the TV star should try living on the property in a mobile home until her house is built.

The mother of six responded to one of these comments by saying that there are strict building rules in their county. So they are not allowed to put mobile homes and such on the property.

Well, from the looks of it, Janelle might have considered that option as she is in distress. However, there are virtually no other options for moving to Coyote Pass until the houses are built. Besides, given that she’s already paid her share for this property, she might not want to buy another property around Flagstaff, Arizona.

Janelle Brown seems to be struggling at the moment, as her current house is up for sale and she will soon have to move to another one. While Christine and Robyn have their own houses, only Meri Brown and Janelle live in rented apartments.

While Meri Brown lives alone in a $4,500 rental house, the other woman shared her $2,900 rental house with her three children. As of today, she still lives in her current house. In fact, the TLC star even uploaded a picture of her dogs in her bedroom with a heartwarming story. As you can see, she still lives in the house with her children.

The Sister Wives star will have to look for another rental house in Flagstaff until construction on the Coyote Pass property is complete. However, given that it is currently just barren land, it will be years before it is where the family needs it.

So he would have to live in another rental house while waiting for the Coyote Pass home to be completed. Fans suggested that he could also live with his older children, as he needs housing now. However, he may not do so as he has his own younger children to look after.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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