Sister Wives: Was Moving To Flagstaff A Mistake?

Sister Wives: Was Moving To Flagstaff A Mistake?

Sister Wives Spoilers suggest that the Brown family is getting deeper and deeper into financial trouble as their finances spiral out of control. Can the family recover from this latest financial setback?

Sister Wives Janelle Brown had rented a home for herself and her three remaining children. Without much warning, Janelle learned that her rental house was up for sale, forcing her to move. Janelle’s home soon sold, but the Browns were not the ones who bought the home.

Some spoilers suggest that Janelle Brown may be living in a mobile home instead of the house that sold for nearly $600,000. If that’s the case, Janelle must have had to downsize because of the move.

Sister Wives Kody Brown and Robyn Brown also owe back taxes on their Flagstaff home. Records show that Kody has already twice missed the opportunity to pay over $1,000 in liens on the home she and Robyn bought for $890,000.

This home has been a sore point between Kody and Robyn from the beginning. At one point, Kody even threatened divorce when they argued over whether or not to buy the home.

Sister Wives: Was Moving To Flagstaff A Mistake?

Sister Wives Brown’s family has moved several times. Kody and his first three wives moved over a dozen times before Robyn joined the family. The Browns have lived in several Utah towns and even moved out of state a few times.

When Robyn joined the family, they fled Utah in the middle of the night to escape polygamy charges. Moving to Vegas at least allowed the family to build a home in the same cul-de-sac where the children could interact. The same cannot be said for Flagstaff, which has all but torn the Brown family apart.

Written by Christine Cohan

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