Sister Wives Star Janelle Reveals A Photo

Sister Wives Star Janelle Reveals A Photo

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown lost her father at a very young age. He died when she was three, but that doesn’t mean she has no memories of him. Sadly, her mother also died recently.

So, about a month ago, she told her fans that she was still sorting through her mother’s house. Now she found a photo of her father, maybe it was among her mother’s things. Anyway, she actually has very few pictures of him, so she shared this photo with TLC fans on Father’s Day.

TLC fans sometimes get confused about Janelle Brown and her relationship with Kody Brown. That’s because at one point, her mother married Kody Brown’s father. Technically, this made them half-siblings.

Well, in case you don’t know, her dad died young and later Winn Brown married her mom Sheryl Usher. Anyway, Kody Brown’s second wife seemed very grateful that her father gave them a decent life. She talked about it in her post on Instagram on Sunday. Sister Wives fans learned that Sheryl passed away late last year.

Meanwhile, Winn passed away in 2013. So now that she’s lost all of her parents, it’s nice that she still keeps some photos of them. It seems her father’s side of the genes still resonate through the family and most of her sons bear a strong resemblance to his side. Perhaps in a distant memory she remembers her father when she looks at her children.

A photo shared by Sister Wives star Janelle showed him prancing around looking like a happy dad. It’s possible she remembers such an outing, even if it’s hazy and indistinct, although most people don’t retain memories until they’re about six or seven years old. Unfortunately, people very rarely remember events from their very young lives. So, even if he or she can’t really remember, these photos at least become something to treasure.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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