Sister Wives: Fans Supports Meri Brown In Her Good And Bad

Sister Wives: Fans Supports Meri Brown In Her Good And Bad

It seems that Sister Wives star Meri Brown is no longer with Kody Brown. However, the star is now feeling nervous after her husband’s departure. However, she keeps her full focus on her mother B&B and nothing else.

Didn’t you notice that Meri is more focused on being independent? She seems to be living her life under someone for a while. But now she’s finally out to breathe and live on her own. But why does she feel nervous after leaving Kody Brown?

Meri has speculated that she is no longer married to Kody Brown. Did she divorce him? Well, she can’t do that because Meri and Kody were involved in a spiritual rather than legal marriage.

Now, however, the reality star is feeling a little nervous about having to live her life completely alone. Meri is still processing the death of her mother. And now, she’s working hard to get her mom’s B&B back on track after two months. Meri also recently announced the opening of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn on Instagram.

Along with the opening news, she also described how she’s feeling. In the caption, the star poured her heart out, saying: “I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting the house ready, I’ve smiled, I’ve cried, I’ve come across things I need to tell her.” Meri wanted to tell her mother things like, now she knows why the electrician didn’t call, why the doorbell didn’t work and why her mother should try a new rice crispy treat. Meri also claimed to be nervous about starting a B&B all by herself. But luckily she has a supportive team by her side. Meri said she is supported by technicians, accountants, legal, Mariah, Audrey and her sisters. However, Meri did not mention Kody’s name. It therefore confirmed that he is not by Meri’s side in her difficult situation.

Sister Wives: Fans Supports Meri Brown In Her Good And Bad

Meri has great support from her fans. Sister Wives fans know that Meri has a kind and beautiful heart. So after knowing all her hardships, followers poured their love and support into the comments section of her post. Fans believe Meri is a strong woman who knows how to deal with life’s ups and downs. And that’s why they support her.

Some also began to speculate whether or not her husband is by her side. One fan wrote curiously: “I hope you’re husband helped and supported you.” On this, another commenter explained that Kody Brown did not support Meri Brown in any way and they are also no longer together.

Everyone knows that Meri is going through this tough phase in her life. And with her kind spirit, she will surely become as successful as her mother. Let’s hope Meri has a better and nerve-free future.

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