Sister Wives: Meri Brown Burns as Christine Brown Fuels the Fire

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Burns as Christine Brown Fuels the Fire

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to unleash some underlying anger at her fellow woman when stress hits the breaking point in the next episode. A potentially life-threatening event puts Meri Brown in a slammer.

But it seems she doesn’t have to do this alone. When the Sister Wives matriarch gets some help from her other husbands. While they probably mean well, Christine Brown rattles Meri Brown in one big bang.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Burns as Christine Brown Fuels the Fire

There’s a wildfire at Meri’s house and she just got the message from before the evacuation. Looks like all of Sister Wives spouses are getting together to help Meri.

Since a wildfire evacuation rarely gives you enough time to pack up your whole house, Meri Brown has to make some quick choices. A stressed out Meri struggles with what she needs to save and take with her. But Christine Brown seems to escalate the already stressful situation.

The Sister Wives preview video shows Meri Brown verbally biting Christine after her Sister Wives co-wife said something to her. When Christine tells Meri to “stop,” Meri tells her to “stop. Meri Brown looks so angry that she points two fingers at Christine Brown while shouting at her.

Sister Wives: Enough is Enough From Robyn

But it’s the look on her face that says it all. Meri seems very excited with Christine Brown. But this seems nothing new these days with the Brown clan. When the Sister Wives season ends, it seems like you’re having trouble finding a happy adult member of the Brown family. The last few episodes offer enough evidence that this family is unraveling.

If you’re tired of watching Robyn turn on the waterworks, you’re not alone. As well as Kody Brown being at the end of his rope with his youngest wife, the fans are also riveting.

The comments of the Sister Wives fans indicate that it’s enough. Her wordplay continues in the next episode when she takes Kody all the way while he tries to get her a house.

She will sign on the dotted line to buy the house, but she will not agree to the purchase of the house. This makes Kody crazy when she twists her words, which he shares with Sister Wives’ cameras.

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