Sister Wives: Meri Brown Complaint Heard Loud and Clear

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Complaint Heard Loud and Clear

Meri Brown asked the family to help her move back to a new rented house in Flagstaff on the last episode. But while she seemed willing to help, carrying heavy stuff on the many stairs on her new cliff house wasn’t going to happen.

Instead, the Sister Wives co-wives proposed movers. But they would still be there to help Meri Brown unpack boxes and arrange her home. The other three women were on board with the help of movers. But not Meri.

Even some of the die-hard Meri Brown fans saw nothing wrong in this compromise. But the original Sister Wives matriarch did. She thought the family should do the move together. Meri didn’t want outside help.

As a result, Kody Brown’s first wife seemed rather upset. She said the family had no unconditional love for her. Meri felt that the family members only offer to come if there are nice things to do with her. She shared these feelings with Sister Wives’ camera.

Sister Wives: Not At All Alone

While Meri Brown felt all alone, the other women in this marriage in the plural of Sisters Wives disagreed. Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, as well as Christine Brown offered to help their co-wife with this move. It’s only the steep stairs that seem to offer an obstacle when moving heavy objects.

But never-the-less, Meri Brown didn’t see it their way. Of course there’s a lot going on next to this one moving event for Meri Brown. The other problems she’s experiencing with the Sister Wives clan mainly revolve around her relationship with Kody Brown.

Kody Brown and Dayton Brown were too busy to lend a hand with this second Flagstaff movement. This also seemed to bother Meri. She said on the last Sister Wives episode that she wants what the other women have from Kody. Kody made it clear that he’s not as ready to move as Meri is to restart their relationship.

So, her feelings for Kody Brown and his lack of attention in her way might have played into Meri’s grief when it came to this move. Although this all happened a few months ago, it is easy to see that Meri is not without unconditional love in real time.

Birthday Wishes Come True

Although Meri Brown may not get everything she hopes for from her Sister Wives’ family, she gets unconditional love from some members. She posted some photos online that show the love of her life while visiting for her birthday. It looks like he had two family visitors last weekend.

That would be Mariah Brown and the woman she’s engaged to, Audrey Kriss. Mariah is the only child of Meri Brown and Kody Brown. It sounded like the mother of this Sister Wives was overjoyed. She placed the picture above with all three of them. This is a birthday wish come true for Meri Brown.

Meri Brown often refers to Mariah and Audrey together as “my two girls”. At one point it seemed as if Mariah sat down with old family pictures and relived her history in pictures.

The proud mother of the Sisters Wives posted Mariah doing this and said she didn’t care what she was doing. Meri was glad to be home for the weekend.

Sister Wives: Maybe Not All Meri Hoped For

The Sister Wives matriarch also posted a photo of her with Dayton Brown. That’s a young man who seems to have a special place in Meri’s heart. It seems that unconditional love has never left Meri Brown. Today, January 17th, is Meri Brown’s 49th birthday.

It’s getting late in the day and it seems that none of the other four spouses in this multiple marriage has reached Meri online so far. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t gotten calls from the rest of the members of her multiple marriage and the 18 children she raised with them.

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  1. I love Meri Brown but she has a loser for a husband Kody is a controller, she would be so much better off without him and maybe be happy 😁not worrying about who she has to please all the time! Leave Kody he is a woman user he does not love you he only loves KODY! He has a great thing going and knows it….wake up Meri

  2. Big mistake for all the wife’s, they need separate home because he treats them unfairly and treats Robyn with a priority status. He is not a husband to all, makes Robyn and her kids, number one. Wrong in my opinion.

  3. Meri had only one child. This may play into her dynamic in the family. This religion would prefer wives have 1 child every year, for many years.

    May be why she feels “less than”, and may also be why it appears she gets treated like she is “less than”

  4. Meri, I have a old saying and this is how it goes, You can never go back to what it was and expect it to be the same because that is all in the pass and it will never change. “You” need to look out for “Meri “ and find the love and respect that you deserve. Many happy thoughts and love ❤️.

  5. Meri is a wonderful lady. She shouldnt have to put up with the BS from her other sister wives and Kody. She should leave him high and dry. That being said and not donate one penny to the family who cannot donate a little time and compassion for her.

  6. Meri would about Cody she is a strong independent woman who can manage things on her own he treats you unfairly and puts everybody above her she has made mistakes but she made those particular mistakes do to his lack of interest and love towards her

  7. Cody is a selfish bastard. Everyone was happy in Las Vegas but him, so he decides the fate of the whole family on a whim. They should all leave him, he’s just a narcissistic, attention craving creep! RUN!!!!!!

  8. Meri I think you should leave Kody. He doesn’t love you he only love himself but I heard him say he would like to have more kid with Robin when I was watching the episode on Sunday. Well that really sucks and I don’t think your sister wives care about at all. Well Meri listen to God he will help you do what’s right for you.

  9. I think Merie is the selfish one. One day she’s all in,the next she’s one foot out the door. Does she want this or not? By the third wife I would think she should know by now.

  10. Meri gave up her one and only legal marriage to Cody so Robyn could marry him and let Cody adopt her children. That was a gigantic sacrifice!! While everyone gave her the praise and honor at the time, it was very short lived and she became very depressed and from what we could see Cody became very distant with Meri unsympathetic. Meri has just never really found her place back with the family after that.

  11. I totally agree with all the messages…Kody treats Meri terrible and he bends over backwards with Robyn So one sided … Meri was the first wife and he shows no emphatic concern for her. Who the heck does he thinks he is…I love Meri and wish her the best and happiest future…Meri you do not deserve or need the way your other so called Sister Wives or Kody treats you…Walk away…God Bless you Meri always …SCM …a fan❤️

  12. Meri should once and for all be forgiven she’s human. She was catfishes oh well… If Cody worked on Loving this his first wife instead of telling us all how right he is and how wrong she is they might get close again…Do you love your eternal wife or not Cody ???? …Meri the movers to lift the boxes was the right choice sorry but I’m older now and I can’t go up and down up and down especially if the climb is big….The packing and unpacking IS the love and support honest…

  13. Meri can’t have it both ways. On the one hand, she says she wants to be involved with the family (i.e.: help her move) On the other she’s telling the sister wives not to expect her to always participate in family stuff because she’s got to do her own thing. Which is it Meri?

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