Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Throws a Lavish 50th Birthday Bash – Guess Who Was Left Off the Guest List!

Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Throws a Lavish 50th Birthday Bash - Guess Who Was Left Off the Guest List!

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown celebrates her 50th birthday in style. You won’t believe who didn’t make the guest list!

It’s a milestone worth celebrating, and Christine Brown of Sister Wives knows how to do it right. For her 50th birthday, Christine chose to let her hair down, literally and metaphorically, with a themed party that had attendees talking. Among those in attendance was her sister wife, Janelle Brown, but conspicuously absent were Kody and Robyn Brown.

For Christine, this birthday isn’t just about the numbers; it’s a new chapter. Recently separated from Kody Brown, she’s embracing her newfound freedom. Janelle Brown described the occasion as a “big declaration of independence.” Learn more about Sister Wives’ complex family dynamics.

Sister Wives: Why Kody and Robyn Brown Were Left Off the Guest List

A guest list can speak volumes, and in this case, it screamed exclusion. Kody and Robyn Brown, along with their children, were not in attendance. Robyn opened up in a confessional, revealing the emotional toll this has taken on her family. “It stings when we find out,” she admitted.

But Christine had her reasons. While she conceded that it would have been “nice” for Robyn’s kids to be around — “Because they should see their siblings” — Christine firmly believed that her birthday wasn’t the venue for family reunions of that sort. “[This] isn’t a place for a reunion like that anyway,” she stated.

Sister Wives: Cake Wishes and Romantic Hopes

Christine’s birthday wasn’t just about who was or wasn’t there; it was also about what lies ahead for her. After blowing out her birthday candles, Christine wasn’t shy about what she wished for. “It has something to do with being in a romantic relationship again,” she coyly shared. That dream, it turns out, has already manifested in her new relationship with David Woolley.

While much attention was given to the absentees, Christine couldn’t help but appreciate those who were there, especially Janelle and her children. “We’re a family. Janelle and I and our kids are family. We’re just gonna stick together, and it means a lot to me that they’re here,” Christine said.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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