Sister Wives: Will Tlc Announce A New Season?

Sister Wives: Will Tlc Announce A New Season?

The current season of Sister Wives painfully and slowly draws a conclusion. Fans were already irritated by all the bickering. So, some people got so angry, they hope the season is the last of Kody Brown and his eternal movement. It’s been a very toxic season and people are getting tired of it. But a lot of fans are hoping for a continuation of the long-running reality series. Will it be renewed? And if so, when can fans expect it? Is there even a storyline for the future?

Sister Wives: Will Tlc Announce A New Season?

If TLC announces a new season, Cheatsheet reminds viewers that it does so much later than right after the end of the show. So, fans probably won’t hear anything immediately. In fact, most of the clues they filmed for the current season have been hinted at or leaked by their wives.

So, following them on Instagram might provide a clue. Some people have suggested that TLC might be targeting a new season for Mariah and her boyfriend, Audrey Kriss. So, maybe Mariah’s missing something in the months to come. The last season was about their decision to have a baby day. But they don’t seem to be in a hurry to do that.

The Sister Wives’ family gets pretty adept at communicating cryptic messages and keeping secrets. Meri Brown, in particular, plays and plays with her fans. An example of this came in a recent post where she shared a photo of someone and no one seems able to identify him. That photo and her game of secrecy, which amuses her enormously, does not refer to a future season of Sisters Wives, but could still publish something that alludes to a renewal – or not.

Sister Wives Wives Fans Grumpy About The Current Season

TV Shows Ace reported that fans are increasingly irritated this season by the squabbles and complaints from the TLC program. By the end of the previous season, they knew the family had planned to move to Flagstaff from Las Vegas. But, no one seemed prepared for the endless bickering about where they were going to live. Quite a few viewers said on social media that they can’t even finish this season, never mind contemplate a future one.

Some fans are now wondering if a future plot actually emerges from the current season of Sister Wives. Last year they already found material for the new move with Kody Brown planning his giant house in secret. Now, no matter where they end up living, what other story will there be? Meri and Kody Brown are still fighting over the same old problems. Most of the older kids have gone their own way, and Maddie has produced another child: The End… some fans believe. But Kody Brown miraculously sees the season renewed over and over again. So, maybe you’ll dream of a new escapade like going on and going back to Utah where they loosened the laws of bigamy.


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