Sister Wives: Will Tlc Announce A New Season?

Sister Wives: Will Tlc Announce A New Season?

The current season of Sister Wives painfully and slowly draws a conclusion. Fans were already irritated by all the bickering. So, some people got so angry, they hope the season is the last of Kody Brown and his eternal movement. It’s been a very toxic season and people are getting tired of it. But a lot of fans are hoping for a continuation of the long-running reality series. Will it be renewed? And if so, when can fans expect it? Is there even a storyline for the future?

Sister Wives: Will Tlc Announce A New Season?

If TLC announces a new season, Cheatsheet reminds viewers that it does so much later than right after the end of the show. So, fans probably won’t hear anything immediately. In fact, most of the clues they filmed for the current season have been hinted at or leaked by their wives.

So, following them on Instagram might provide a clue. Some people have suggested that TLC might be targeting a new season for Mariah and her boyfriend, Audrey Kriss. So, maybe Mariah’s missing something in the months to come. The last season was about their decision to have a baby day. But they don’t seem to be in a hurry to do that.

The Sister Wives’ family gets pretty adept at communicating cryptic messages and keeping secrets. Meri Brown, in particular, plays and plays with her fans. An example of this came in a recent post where she shared a photo of someone and no one seems able to identify him. That photo and her game of secrecy, which amuses her enormously, does not refer to a future season of Sisters Wives, but could still publish something that alludes to a renewal – or not.

Sister Wives Wives Fans Grumpy About The Current Season

TV Shows Ace reported that fans are increasingly irritated this season by the squabbles and complaints from the TLC program. By the end of the previous season, they knew the family had planned to move to Flagstaff from Las Vegas. But, no one seemed prepared for the endless bickering about where they were going to live. Quite a few viewers said on social media that they can’t even finish this season, never mind contemplate a future one.

Some fans are now wondering if a future plot actually emerges from the current season of Sister Wives. Last year they already found material for the new move with Kody Brown planning his giant house in secret. Now, no matter where they end up living, what other story will there be? Meri and Kody Brown are still fighting over the same old problems. Most of the older kids have gone their own way, and Maddie has produced another child: The End… some fans believe. But Kody Brown miraculously sees the season renewed over and over again. So, maybe you’ll dream of a new escapade like going on and going back to Utah where they loosened the laws of bigamy.

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  1. Oh Meri it is time to go , Mr. Wonderful sure doesn’t appear to be very Christian like. He is not big on forgiveness at all. He brings up the past çonstantly. You are. Not happy there. Spread your wings and fly. Best of all to you.,!!!!

  2. I hope Meri leaves this mess why didn’t Robyn divorce Cody after she got her kids and let Meri marry Cody back Meri is done bad by all of them I think they are jealous of her because she doesn’t have kids to take care of does Robyn or Christine ever work Christine is silly she needs to grow up

  3. Anyone else wondering who Kody is sheltering in place with?! Actually it’s a no brainer. I vote Robyn.
    Meri should tell Kody to go suck it. He basically said it was all her fault and won’t give her a chance until he sees her doing better with other people in the family but won’t tell her who and what she’s doing to him or anyone else.
    I’m about done with the Kody and Robyn show.

  4. I really like watching sister wifes, however I dont like how meri is treated by kodi and other members of the family ,kodi seems to just care about Robin, so it gets very annoying watching how they treat mary ,why is she not leaving him ,he shows her no love are respect ,its hard to watch

  5. ALL the “sister wives” should leave that abusive bully. He’s toxic, narcissistic and just mean. In reality, only one of those women is actually “legally” married to him, but all need to dump his abusive ass, take all the kids and leave him alone, and move on with their lives.

  6. Merit did the right thing leaving his ads . I like Meri she is the best one one I would tell Kody to kiss my ads along time ago. Christine makes me sick at my stomach cause she’s so jeoulous of Mariand the rest of them. Robyn needs to quit crying all the time about a house go to work and support your kids then you can get a house for you and your kids . Kody isn’t a good man leave h 91i7645456 a crazy ads alone

  7. I watched a recent interview with John from ‘John and Kate…’ and he was talking about how TLC had him sign a nondisclosure contract or something to that effect. If I remember correctly, he could not discuss anything with the show (ie his marriage, kids, divorce, etc) for 10 years after the show ended? I could be wrong about the time period. So, what we got as truth was actually entertainment…a show. TLC painted John as the ‘bad guy’ when all along, much of the problem was Kate. The things that she did to Collin (I think that was his name) make me heartbroken. I am saying this because people are wondering (myself included) why Meri is still with Kody. It could very well be that they are no longer together but cannot tell us this. That makes me speculate about so many things. This series is a money maker for TLC and the family. They want to entertain us to keep us watching. Maybe he is only with Robyn now? Who knows? Well, TLC and the family does, but we might not know for years to come. When a family lets cameras into their lives and homes, it always seems to go badly!!

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