Sister Wives: Kody Lacking Filter

Sister Wives: Kody Lacking Filter

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is a ball of anger these days at the TLC show and sometimes you say things in anger that you shouldn’t say, but he does. In the next episode, fans think he’s really gone too far. Actually – definitely out of bounds.

With this four-year-old husband, when a thought comes to his mind, it seems to come right out of his mouth. That’s a description his sister wives offered not so long ago.

Sister Wives: Kody Lacking Filter

Take this lack of thought before you speak and mix it with anger – the results could be disastrous. You run the risk of saying something that you can no longer take back. The ladies of the Sister Wives’ family have explained in previous episodes how Kody lacks a filter. Not long ago, his wife Christine even suggested that he needed a muzzle. If there was ever a need to stop Kody Brown from talking, it’s probably in the episode that’s coming up.

So when the Sister Wives roll out their next episode they get ready to see Kody Brown say something rather shocking. Veteran fans of the Sister Wives series know how Kody Brown is responsible for skirting when things get sour.

Not long ago, he proved it with the move to Flagstaff. Fans saw him return to his Vegas home with that presentation on the board. He said he’s the leader of the family. He also made it clear that sometimes he has to drive where others don’t want to go.

Sister Wives: Shifting the Responsibility

Looks like he proved it with the Flagstaff move. But when all the Flagstaff problems came out, the patriarch of the Sisters Wives looked into the camera and said it was a family decision. As if by magic, he shifted the responsibility.

Now it looks like Kody Brown is about to outdo himself in his next attempt to pin the blame on someone else. It also seems that his lack of filter plays an important role in the shocking commentary he makes.

Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives takes the cameras into the therapist’s office. Kody and Meri Brown sit down with their counselor. Here, viewers learn that their marriage is not only over, it’s long over. First, Meri updates the therapist on the end of their relationship.


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