Sister Wives: Kody And His Wives Are Living Apart During Social Distancing

Sister Wives: Kody And His Wives Are Living Apart During Social Distancing

Sister Wives star Meri Brown says she finds it strange not being able to reunite with the rest of the family in the middle of the current pandemic.

The 49-year-old has revealed that they are all staying in their individual homes for security reasons.

“I don’t see much of the rest of the family because we’re all in quarantine, so it’s a little weird that we can’t be together, but we know it’s better to stay in our own homes,” shared Tuesday with Us Weekly the 49-year-old.

Kody Brown explained that “normal life has ceased” for his unconventional family in the midst of isolation, and said it was an adjustment for him and his four wives and eighteen children.

“We’re all working from home, however, some of us aren’t able to make the necessary travel for work, and some of our entire industries are closed,” the 51-year-old former TLC alumni told the publication.

“Two of my wives run an online business, so they still work remotely, but they are not able to do some of the tasks they normally do in person,” he said.

Kody Brown told us that their life has obviously slowed down, arguing that “there’s not much to discuss but to control the children, who go to school from home”.

Speaking of the wives Christine, Meri, Robyn and Janelle, he said they cut themselves off. “We’ve completely cut off family reunions,” he said.

“I contacted the family by phone. My wives and I have made a couple of teleconferences and we’ll probably make a few more where we’ll update each other on everything that’s going on in our family,” he said about their precautions in the current health crisis.

Christine Brown, 47, revealed that she spent her time being smart – doing embroidery, cross-stitching and crochet. “We made our products with raw ingredients, we’re really trying not to go to the store, so I even made my own face moisturizer,” she told them.

Janelle Brown, 50, admitted that she thinks it would be easier to handle the situation at home 24/7 if they weren’t isolated from each other. “We need to be so separate,” she said. “We need to limit family reunions, and if we were together, our exposure would be one less person going to the supermarket instead of doing it for separated families.

Robyn Brown, 41, told them she is coping by staying in touch with her loved ones via video chat or by sending care packages. “I’m talking more with my family because I have time and because we’re all worried right now,” she said.

Kody and his wives share a total of 18 children, nine of whom are at least 18 years old.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I wonder which wife Cody has been staying with during quarantine? If it happens to be Robyn I think all the other wife’s should just move on since it’s evident whose considered the wife. Now if it happens to be another wife then I could be wrong in thinking he only favors one wife.

  2. Cody acts like an idiot, if I was Meri ,would move away ,he treats her terrible, he thinks he is the only one that can say anything, always right ,don’t think so, !!

  3. He must have ADD or something hes all
    Over the place with his plans and thoughts. Moves all over the place. He does treat Meri like crap acts like Robyn only matters. The other two look clueless Im loosing interest in the program.

  4. Personally I find him to be a Bully and full of himself ! I truly dislike him . Why these women stay with him is beyond me ! He gives them nothing but a lot of lip and a lot of bulls- – – t. He isn’t handsome —. He isn’t to intelligent and certainly not rich ! He struts about like a short dictator ! Thank you for letting me vent !!

  5. Kody makes me so cross. He doesn’t have love for any of his wives. He only loves himself.
    These are bright Intelligent women. Why do they stay with him. Oh because of the children and the other wives.
    None of them want him to stay with them . They love having the house to themselves and their children and now it will show. They own their own homes because kody cant get mortgage. Even Robyn has just found that out. He needs them more than they need him.
    Look back in 30 years he will be this long haired lonely sad man . Who we find out hates women and thinks he is the second jesus.
    The wives will all lives near each other and will be best friends , happy and rich.

  6. This guy is so up himself! He’s a nasty piece of work. The way he treats Meri is disgusting. She should pick up sticks and move away because he hasn’t got the slightest bit of respect for her. She divorced him so he could legally marry Robyn so he could adopt her kids so now that’s all done and dusted why hasn’t he divorced Robyn and remarried Meri? Because as far as he’s concerned the only wife in this plural marriage is Robyn. He’s not a husband of 4, he’s a controller.

  7. Omgosh! You ladies have all hit the spot – all these comments I have thought at some time or another. KB is such an arse! Robyn is obviously the favourite, although she has the other wives backs (on camera). I love Meri, and think she has had a raw deal in this marriage. Janelle has taken all she can from this situation and doesn’t seem to care if KB spends time with her. Christine is a sweetheart, although often fights back (good for her) and Robyn has fallen on her feet, financially and emotionally. Although, for me this is compulsive viewing, I think I’m willing KB to fall on his face and these wives to rebel and leave him. Without these wives, KB would be nothing! However these ladies have been brought up in this culture and is the norm for them, so will anything change for them?

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