‘The Pioneer Woman’: How Ree Drummond chooses her blouses for the cookbook cover

‘The Pioneer Woman’: How Ree Drummond chooses her blouses for the cookbook cover

“The Pioneer Woman” star Ree Drummond is a big fan of blouses. If you regularly watch her Food Network television show or see her during interviews, she usually wears a brightly colored top with lots of flowers. This style has become her signature look and fans seem to love it.

When it’s time to take a picture for one of her cookbooks, Ree makes sure she chooses the right blouse. Here is how she chooses which blouse to wear for the cover of her cookbooks.

Ree Drummond loves ‘blousy’ tops

You’re unlikely to see Ree in a shape-fitting blouse. Rather, she prefers a style that allows for more movement. Ree says he likes to wear what she calls “blousse tops.” She confessed to her fans that she doesn’t just wear these tops because of their beautiful designs. She revealed on Instagram that she also wears the blouses to disguise her belly. “In other news, I’ve been eating low carbs for a few months now, but there’s still a lot of mischief and chaos under my blousse top, that’s why I have an immortal loyalty to blousse tops. And this is my favorite color red. It’s like a cherry and a watermelon have had a baby. Thanks for listening,” Ree wrote.

How Ree Drummond chooses her blouses for the cookbook cover

How does Ree choose exactly the right top for its cookbook covers? She thinks a lot about the cover of her cookbook covers. In the autumn issue 2017 of “The Pioneer Woman” magazine, she explained how she will come up with her final look:

Choosing a shirt for the cover is a big commitment. I will wear it forever on the cover of that cookbook! I’m always testing a few options to find the right one. Sometimes I hold the shirts against the camera and take a picture to see what they look like, and other times I put them on “tripod Ree”: Actually, I dress my camera tripod (or sometimes an upside-down table leg) in different options!

Then I set up the rest of the shot and plan exactly where the kids will be, because I know I only have a short window if I can get the four of them, and the boy, in one place. Ladd is the one taking the last picture, and he’s doing such a good job.

Where can you buy Ree Drummond’s blouses?

One question many of Ree Drummond’s fans have is where to buy her blouses. If you’re looking for a blouse just like Drummond’s, you’re in luck. She shared with her fans on Instagram that she often buys tops from the clothing company Soft Surroundings. Sometimes she even has a locker giveaway on The Pioneer Woman blog. Drummond says she also buys tops from Ella Moss, Hale Bob and Leifsdottir. Also, if you happen to visit The Pioneer Woman Mercantile, you can find blouses the way Drummond wears them.

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