The View: Meghan McCain and Joy Behar’s friendship

The View: Meghan McCain and Joy Behar’s friendship

Meghan McCain is usually not shy to give her opinion on The View, but in Friday’s episode she kept mommy. Joy Behar began the show, which was disturbed by the fact that Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate in the impeachment trial. While the co-hosts gave their opinion, Meghan McCain was unusually quiet until Joy Behar gave her the floor.

“What do you say?” Joy Behar asked Meghan McCain.

Meghan McCain was shy and said, “You’re scaring me. I really don’t want to say my opinion today because you’re very angry today, and everyone’s been very angry backstage.”

“We’re very angry today,” Joy Behar quipped.

“I feel that today might be a day for me to be a conservative quiet, because I don’t want to be booed and shouted today, and that says a lot,” added Meghan McCain.

Joy Behar tried to reason with Meghan McCain who says she is not defending Trump, but the latter has not admitted. The conservative co-host gave some facts about Trump’s endorsement ratings and kept her cool by not trying to anger Behar even more.

The View: McCain and Joy Behar’s friendship

Although it may seem that McCain and Joy Behar could not be friends, the opposite is the case. They’re both on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but they respect each other enough to be friends outside The View. Meghan McCain said recently that it upsets her when rumors are spread about an alleged animosity between them.

“It really hurts me!” Meghan McCain told Entertainment Tonight about reports she doesn’t like Joy Behar. “It really hurts me because our locker rooms are next door and you and I have the same emotional reaction to things – sometimes in different ways – but we’re both equally upset, equally upset about the same things. And I wish people would give us a break, really.”

In fact, Meghan McCain has influenced Joy Behar in some ways, showing her things from a different perspective.

“Just like today, I was talking about how, you know, I think a moderate has to win the election to beat [President Donald] Trump. Originally, I would say I wanted Elizabeth Warren because she was new and she was exciting. But I’m not sure she’ll make it. So, now I’m in reality again and I think you’ve changed your positions a little bit, moderated them, changed,” Behar said.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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