Welcome To Plathville: Does Lydia Plath Have A Boyfriend?

Welcome To Plathville: Does Lydia Plath Have A Boyfriend?

Welcome to Plathville spoilers for season 3 reveal that this time around, Lydia Plath clashes with her mother Kim Plath over a boyfriend.

Recall that in season 2, Moriah Plath and your mom didn’t really get along when she started dating Max. Well, it looks like this year is all about the next generation of teens in the family starting to take an interest in men.

When season 2 ended, it left a number of stories open for season 3. Recall that Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath said they were so fed up with Barry and Kim Plath that they planned a move. Perhaps they are moving beyond the same city.

Also, a hint that Lydia might fall under her mother’s radar came when the TLC show revealed her prayer closet. In fact, she hated the conflict between her parents and Ethan, Moriah and her brother Micah. So she hid in the creepy room.

Welcome to Plathville spoilers have revealed that despite her parents’ restrictions, Moriah certainly knows how to rock these days. Clearly loving her freedom from Kim and Barry’s restrictive religious life, she seems determined to live her best life.

Fans will have to wonder if Kim Plath also blames Moriah for Lydia Plath falling for a guy. After all, she blamed Ethan’s wife Olivia for Moriah and Micah’s escape from the sickening conditions in the house.

Welcome To Plathville: Does Lydia Plath Have A Boyfriend?

It’s no big surprise that Kim Plath has a negative attitude towards Lydia and the concept of a boy in her life. After all, fans know that Kim generally seems to have a negative attitude about everything. Teasers for the episode that will air on Tuesday reveal that Kim examines her daughter’s phone, but the mom checks it often. There, she discovered about 100 texts a day to a boy.

In fact, in the first season of Welcome to Plathville, the boys never had phones, as far as fans know. However, Kim Plath believes that her daughter should only use it to contact her and her father, Barry.

In fact, how else can Lydia communicate with a boy? Given the way their parents keep a tight rein on the kids, does she really have many options? When Lydia talked about it, she felt that her boyfriend gave her companionship and comfort when she was feeling down.

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