Welcome To Plathville: Where Do The Plaths Live?

Welcome To Plathville: Where Do The Plaths Live?

Season three of Welcome to Plathville premiered Aug. 17, and fans tuned in from across the U.S. to see what the Plath family has been up to since season two ended in January.

The TLC reality show follows the lives of matriarch and patriarch Kim Plath and Barry Plath and their nine children – Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia and Mercy. The family’s appeal is that Kim and Barry raise their children to follow a set of restrictive religious guidelines that include limited use of technology, never watching movies or eating sugar, and a complete ban on carbonated beverages, according to Screen Rant.

The first season 3 of the series updated viewers on the marriage of oldest son Ethan to his wife Olivia, as reported by The Sun. The 23-year-old has since distanced himself from his family and made zero contact with his parents due to a feeling that the family drama has negatively affected the couple’s relationship.

In a confessional flashback, Ethan Plath said, “We needed space as a couple so we decided that meant no contact with my parents.” Also in the premiere, fans were given a glimpse of Moriah’s relationship with Max and subsequent breakup. However, the two decided to remain friends.

Welcome To Plathville: Where Do The Plaths Live?

When Welcome to Plathville first aired in 2019, viewers were under the impression that the Plath family, consisting of Kim and Barry and their nine children, lived on a farm in rural South Georgia, which was conducive to the family’s fundamentalist Christian views and allowed the parents to keep their children isolated from the outside world.

However, The Sun revealed that at the beginning of season 2, Kim broke the news that the family had, in fact, moved away from the farm and were living in the town of Cairo, which is close to the Florida border and not at all out of the way. According to the city’s webpage on Explore Georgia, Cairo has many things to do, including downtown shopping, a movie theater, a library, public parks and even a museum. 

Kim said the family’s intention was not to move, but simply to find another property to invest in. The Sun quotes Kim, “We moved off the farm and into a beautiful house in Cairo … We were looking for another house as an investment property.” Kim added that they “fell in love” with the Cairo house and decided to stay.

The Cinemaholic reported that the Plaths actually purchased the Cairo property in 2017, which was before the show began and has since raised questions about its integrity. The farmhouse where the family was originally living is now featured on Airbnb, going for $125 per night, per The Sun.

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