90 Day Fiance: David Murphey Gives An Update About Lana

90 Day Fiance: David Murphey Gives An Update About Lana

David Murphy and his Ukrainian girlfriend Lana was one of the most talked about couples in the last season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Of course, we are using the word “girlfriend” in a generic way because, at the beginning of the season, many viewers were convinced that David Murphy had been captured and that Lana did not even exist.

However, we all had a shock when the Ukrainian native finally showed up. But the fans were still not convinced that she was actually interested in the 59-year-old.

Despite the opposition, David Murphy was convinced that he and Lana would live happily ever after.

During Tell All he revealed his future plans to retire and move to Ukraine to live with Lana.

90 Day Fiance: David Murphey Gives An Update About Lana

The Las Vegas resident recently went to social media to answer fans’ questions about his life. During his Instagram live video, David Murphey dished on his relationship with Lana after a fan asked him about the last time he actually saw her.

While Lana is still in Murphy’s life, he admitted that he hasn’t seen her for a while, apparently due to the global pandemic.

He shared with his followers that he should be in Ukraine by now, but last week the country closed its borders again. So the two haven’t actually seen each other since they stopped filming on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

However, it seems that the two are very much on speaking terms, as he shared during the live video that Lana now has an Instagram page and that he is trying to convince her to get a Cameo account.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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  1. David realy think kana dont speak english but she does, she just know that david dont want a woman that speak english because he said they are just interested in hes money, but maybe david doesnt know that lana dint went to see him the first 8 times he went to Ukraine because she said that she wanted to see if he could support her, if he goes to Ukraine so many time back to back and she doesn’t show that means he got what he needs to supports her, lana is going to live david plain and broke, watch

  2. I believe David is delusional. First, for a man with “so much money” he lives in a condo decorated with 40+ year old furniture, drives an older car, dresses in the same Target clothes, but spends all of his earnings on an online relationship with someone who says she’s 28 but looks like she’s in her 40’s. Then buys a cubic-Z. I don’t buy his story. THEN, he thinks a woman who won’t even give him a real kiss is going to marry him? Good luck with all of that nonsense. She’s a scam, period.

  3. The only thing the women want is MONEY, GIFTS , TRIPS AND ANYTHING ELSE THEY CAN GET. NO 20 something wants a 50 or 60 +. These men are delusional.
    I could see it if they were wealthy , good looking and in great shape. These guys however look like they can only BUY A YOUNG WOMAN. SICK🤮

  4. I enjoy your posts, however, I notice alot of spelling errors or incorrect words. This totally changes people’s perception of your site validity. thank you.

  5. Why doesn’t lana Skype with David? If she really cares for h, she would want to Skype. After all he did buy her a nice phone and we does have a laptop. But I guess she is too busy conning other chumps like David

  6. Yes it is so and mom said to dad this that’s not gonna work and we have to realize this so do you in the end we all have to do what we think would be best and then we can sit and think more at the table and we can sing the song we like to sing because we like to do it we like to sing a song and be happy mom always says that do you happy and sing a song

  7. So I think that this is Beth said when everybody can see them what they need to say because that is so important and then we can always stand up and say yes why not we should say we want to say because yeah it’s important so anyway that’s what’s up you said to Mark last week and in lots of the same thing

  8. Your an effing idiot and that leather jacket is disgusting. She don’t want you she cringes when you touch her. Watch her you fool. I bet she thought that Diamond was real so she took it. Wake up she don’t want you!!!!

  9. I have watched for months.
    As far as David is concerned I don’t know how he got so rich by being so gullible??? She looks close to 55 or so. And he keeps saying she is so beautiful.,, we’ll invest in a good pair of glasses David!!! She is nasty looking..ugly.. my God what do you see in her,,,other than she made a fool out of you) and still is..I could use that money to pay Bill’s, and buy food! She is a paid computer call girl..




  10. David murphey is a man who is not using his upper head. What fun ctilning to him is his Dick head. It’s very obvious that the woman is just playing for money. A gold digger. If you retire and move to ukraine, do u think she will love you till your last breath??. Sure she will use your money then dump you after achieving what she want. I’m sure she has bf even during the time she showed up that’s why she doesn’t go up to your hotel room. Use your head not your dickhead

  11. Watching David on B90 strikes back I’ve realized this guy has zero sense of humor. His permanently offended by the fans. Everyone else on the show can laugh at themselves and seem to enjoy most of the fans of the show. I can see why he’s never married, he has such a sour disposition. I wouldn’t want to spend 5 minutes around the guy, don’t feel a bit sorry for him. He’s the master of delusion.

  12. I feel sorry for David, he seems like a good man that’s in love. But he should get some common sense, this girl’s scamming him. All she wants is his money! And I don’t think she’s actually 28 I think she’s older than that.

  13. Chasing a dream…..see the illusion for it is …an illusion. LANA supports herself on a site that charges you to connect with a live girl… .that is why she has so many clients she says the same thing to and makes the same lame promises. She is like those 900# allowing lonely men to talk to women by the minute. She may be a good person but she is making a living being a pseudo date.

  14. HOW is this guy the wealthiest cast member?!?! Must be another case of all book sense and absolutely no common sense.

  15. David is in total denial. He lambasts all naysayers as if he is the only person who truly knows her. If a man came so far just to meet me I would make a point to be there! She knew he was coming. And this last time she could have changed her schedule with her family instead of making him wait over the weekend. She doesn’t love him, period.
    He may be enamoured but Lana is just out for the gifts and money.

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