90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee Is Moving On.

90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee Is Moving On.

Jihoon Lee has certainly experienced many ups and downs in recent months. We’ve all seen it play on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and also on social media.

The South Korean resident recently had his family torn apart when the news of his split with Deavan Clegg hit the blogs. Although the split up hasn’t been played out on the show yet, we saw it coming from a mile away.

Deavan Clegg and her mother Elicia blamed the 29-year-old for almost everything that went wrong in the couple’s relationship. One particular incident involving Deavan Clegg’s daughter Drascilla really confused the fans.

The little girl ran away from the group during a family outing and refused to listen, despite everyone calling her to stop. Jihoon Lee immediately chased the child, but the women directed their anger at him and blamed him for running away from Drascilla.

Fans just didn’t have it and they beat up Deavan Clegg and her mother for treating Jihoon Lee badly. Deavan Clegg has since tried to explain her behavior on social media, but the fans just don’t buy it.

Furthermore, we already know that the couple broke up and that Deavan has already moved on to another relationship. It has all been a lot for Jihoon Lee to deal with, but now he is trying to make a new start.

90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee Is Moving On Up

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It seems that Jihoon Lee is trying to get on with his life. And the first thing on the agenda is moving out of the apartment he once shared with Deavan Clegg. He recently shared some photos on Instagram that show fans that he’s moving out.

In the photos, we see a moving van full of appliances and we also see external images of the apartment rising from the sky. It is not clear where Jihoon Lee is moving to, but it certainly seems like a good idea to leave the house that contains so many memories of his family now destroyed.

Written by Emma Fisher

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Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Good on him. The couple’s that hook up.then try and build a relationship based on an unplanned pregnancy are doomed to fail. It amazes me that none of the couples do any research about the culture before making these life decisions.

  2. Did anyone else have a hard time figuring out some of this? I feel like it was originally written in a different language and then someone did a pretty poor job translating it. How do apartments rise up from the clouds??? That’s just one example.

  3. I’d luv to kick the mother of Devan ( fat american blonde) in her box , total asshole who thinks the sun shines out of her and her countries arse, Jahoon should have told her where to go the old Hagg !
    That Korean dude will be better off , maybe he should get custody , the child will be better off in Korea then some trailor park hes gonna wind up in along with brothers and sisters of all races , the Ho , Devan has an older child from some black dudes then the crazy kid and Jahoons seedling , I’m sure are more as this Devsn wants 1 from all 54 African countries it seems , skank

  4. I like both of them and I wish they could have stayed together.Their baby boy is gorgeous and Drascilla loved Jihoon .I hope they will be reunited.

  5. I feel so bad for Jihoon. We all make mistakes. But this last time I feel like she was done then. Her mother didn’t help any with the situation. It rough on both, but I keep in mind he’s a first time dad not use to dealing with a child or a baby. But he shouldn’t of lied so much.

  6. Don’t feel the least bit sorry for Jihoon Lee. Had he taken 5 less naps/week and worked a better job instead, he would have had a better chance of still having a family. His choices, his chosen outcome. Grow up & join us adults, Jihoon!

  7. Hi I really like her. I feel sorry for the children. She’s very pretty. Jihoon acts like a girl crying 24/7. He is very spoiled by his parents. What a good ball. He probably doesnt know how to wipe his ass. He’s a punk. He never even care about his son and never even ven carried him.

  8. He was irresponsible and lied to her several times or she wouldn’t have gone to Korea. I do not blame her at all although she could have handled some things a little better. However, that comes with getting older and learning from experiences. I wish them both well and hope Jahoon can learn to mature for him to really move forward with his life or he won’t ever be a family man to provide for his family.

  9. The whole thing is BS. Why did she go back? I can tell ya why. She wanted to go so she could milk her te on the show. Especially after he said he took a part time Job so he could take a nap if he needed during the day. The whole thing cracks me up. Who is he moving on with after that lol

  10. I’m not a huge fan of Deavan but Jihoon is a total waste of space. What on earth did she see in him? 30 years old and too lazy to get a proper job. Ridiculous.

  11. Deavan needs to grow up. Jihoon was well on his way to making changes. He never had a chance. Deavan will likely be moved on in now time and likely shaking up with somebody else.

  12. Deavan is a TRAMP! Being 23 & having 2 kids by two guys proves it. She’ll have a few more with a few others too. Deavan’s daughter…is a SPOILED BRAT!!! She needs a slap! Along with her mother!!!

  13. It’s sad they couldn’t work out the differences between them.. but if its beneficial for the children to just coparent only and not be married then they are making the best choice for their unique blended family… wish all them a good life and future…

  14. Goes to show you how stupid these 90 day relationships are, and over 90% will never work, especially when dealing with a different culture and religion. Lasting relationships takes years of dating the same person, thus you know who you are marrying and there won’t be any surprises. Some of the young people on the show are so immature and then the older ones being so desperate to find their love, I guess does make for entertainment. Sad, sad, sad!

  15. Please, PLEASE, do not associate this woman or her mother with all Americans. Their behavior was extremely selfish and self serving with not one ounce of respect for the beautiful Asian culture. They represent the negative 10% of the populous while the remaining 90% of the American people have complete respect for ALL other cultures and fellow human beings. Please do not categorize all Americans with these spoiled selfish fame, money seekers – it’s not true. This young man’s family is absolutely awesome – very respectful and supportive of an extremely difficult situation. This type of parental heartbreak is universal and knows no cultural boundaries.
    Please know that ALMOST all Americans are caring, compassionate people and nothing like the mother and daughter shown on this TLC show.
    Thank you.

  16. Davey,
    To call Deavan a ho is so ignorant of you, news flash she has to sleep with a man to be called a ho so what does that make the male??? No child is better off with only one parent unless the child is put in harms way. Obviously Deavan is a responsible mother yes she could prevent pregnancies THAT IS NONE OF YOURS, OR MY BUSINESS no she puts her life on tv or not! Do you not realize the disgusting hurt your imposing?? Your absolutely entitled to your opinion, there is a right and wrong way to express you know that already shame on you.

  17. I just think that if they wanted it to work, it would have. It was obvious that neither was serious about the marriage. Both of them needs to grow the hell up.

  18. They had every right to blame Jihoon for what happened to Drascilla. He was literally tasked to keep an eye on her because Deavan was busy taking care of Taeyang. And when Drascilla ran away, Deavan’s mom told Jihoon to chase after her but Jihoon’s immediate reaction to that is to tell her not to yell at him instead of running after the little girl right away. He literally priortized his pride over his step-daughter, and really what does he even have to be proud of at this point?

    Jihoon is an absolute man-child who didn’t deserve the patience of someone like Deavan. I’m so glad Deavan is finally dating someone who is not only financially secured, but 10x more attractive than the freeloading sleazebag that is Jihoon. Her new boyfriend also seems to really like her kids unlike Jihoon who allegedly said some harsh things about them which was apparently the final straw to Deavan.

    A man with a good job and a good heart is what Deavan deserves after all the shit she had to deal with and I’m glad she got it.

  19. I think Deavan was done with Jihoon before she even went back to Korea. Jihoon was blamed for 99.999999% of everything wrong in their marriage .

  20. Well I wish him all the best. She got what she wanted, good plastic surgery and fame. She knows how to work the system. Can’t say I actually thought the marriage would last, she didn’t even make a real attempt to learn the language or culture.

  21. Jihoon was very irresponsible. Are we watching the same show? He didn’t have a steady job and admitted that what money he did make, he blew it. He was given plenty of chances and never did anything. Mommy and Daddy enabled him too much and yes, her mother should have butted out as well, but Jihoons mom was in the middle too. The situation with Drascilla( who names their kid that) wasn’t all his fault. That kid is off the chain and should have gotten her butt tore up. I don’t know of many men who is going to want to be with her with that little girl acting like she does. She gives me anxiety just watching her on the show

  22. Trash like Deavon should be forced to get her tubes tied instead of having kids by different men. Her disgusting mother should have her tongue cut out so no one has to hear that filthy piece of entitled garbage ever speak. Jihoon might be lazy but he has time to mature and get a decent, educated woman. Wish his son could live in Korea with him instead of with his trailer park mom and grandmother-they do NOT represent American women, Jihoon!!!!

  23. Trash like Deavon should be forced to get her tubes tied instead of having kids by different men. Her disgusting mother should have her tongue cut out so no one has to hear that filthy piece of entitled garbage ever speak. Jihoon might be lazy but he has time to mature and get a decent, educated woman. Wish his son could live in Korea with him instead of with his trailer park mom and grandmother

  24. Drusilla an out-of-control child it wasn’t his fault it was her parenting that allowed her to be so wild and not listen to adults he will be better off in the long run without her I think she’s kind of trailer trashy

  25. He should have left that girl long time ago. She and her mother are nothing but trouble. After all that child is not his, I don’t understand why he should accept to shoulder that burden. Most of those women on that show come with extra baggage ( children ) and I don’t understand why those men will choose such women with children from previous relationships. There are a lot of beautiful women out there who don’t have children yet one can start a fresh relationship without all the drama. Any woman who has come out from a relationship where she had children is not good for any other man. It’s my own opinion. I can’t do it.

  26. All the negative people pointing fingers at one person, threatening to kick the ” fat blonde American” you guys need to get a life. You guys do realize that due to editing you don’t know the whole story. They literally make the storyline something it’s not. I feel bad for the kids, but also for Devin and jihoon because all of them were portrayed different than what they really are. If you guys think this is real, your ignorance is showing.

  27. I have no respect for Donavan and as a woman I think she might want to keep her legs together. She barely knew him when she got pregnant. She is typical white trash that needs to look at going on birth control. He is far from perfect but maybe she should learn to control her child, her daughter is a brat.

  28. I agree that Devan and her mom blaming Jihoon for her daughter‘s dash was unfair, but Jihoon has done nothing but lie about working and his finances from the beginning. And his relationship to his parents…Devan please find out what these men are about and use birth control before you get knocked up by a third deadbeat bum!

  29. As a grandmother I can relate to wanting the best for my grandkids & dauhgter. However I would have been by his side to help chase her down the street why was it only his responsibility that day? This child is unruly. Grandma teach her some manners & learn your own!!!! He needs to grow up & get a job not a new girlfriend. His parents mean well. I feel sorry for them all they did to try to help & they may never see their grandson again. Sometimes these Reality Shows tend to make us forget these are real people.

  30. I just don’t understand these people American or Foreign…are there no men or women you could find in your own country or state to pursue a relationship with…the amount of money and time spent to travel and live is outrageous…and 90 days surely isn’t enough time to fall in-love with someone to marry….hell people spend years together and the moment they get married divorce is a step away…I think I can find love closer in than out of the country somewhere…

  31. Sorry to see them go their own way. I wish they could of made it. They were perfect for each other. He should of nevered lied. And mom should of kept her nose out of it. Marriage does not come with instructions. You must have communication and trust for the marriage to work. It’s alot of work and takes two. It’s 50/50. And her oldest daughter need to be under control by parent mom. She does what she wants. Get her under control now or it will be to late as she gets older. She blamed him for everything. Like someone else said he was not use to being a father and husband. He tryed his best to fulfill those shoes. Wish them both the VERY BEST AND GOOD LUCK TO THEM.

  32. Well to many things where going on. Poor never got a break. It was one after the other. He couldn’t even breath. Mother and GM had no control on Dracilla for some reasons they want Jeehon to take care of her. Really as a mother you should be blamed then jeehon. It was your choice to bring the kids to Korea you should be hold accountable what were you thinking.

  33. C’mon people…is anyone really surprised by this break up? Jihoon is a man-child who takes no responsibility for anything. His mother babies him and makes excuses for hi. Deavan is just as irresponsible….already had 1 kid from a bad relationship and then gets pregnant by a stranger and thinks marrying him is the answer????? The only ones I feel sorry for in this whole thing are the children.

  34. She a hot mess not using protection hello Disease spreading her legs everywhere. Quickly move on 3 rd child please .Mother hen is a problem with Issue Sun don’t shine on u missy . Your deserve each other feel sorry for the kids . Johoon was lazy so it was bond to happen they was two stranger . I hope he get s his life together so his son can have a bond with his dad . Birth control girl .

  35. Deaven, your daughter’s behavior is 100% your fault and your deluded mother. Your daughter’s up-bringing is questionable at best. She is an uncontrollable brat. She is over-indulged. Jihoon should retain custody of your son where he can be raised in his culture. You have demonstrated your lack of parenting skills. I hope he is able to obtain 100% custody of your son. You need to go home and live happily ever after rolling in and out of strangers bed.

  36. The mother should have stayed out of Deavon and Jihoon’s marriage. Deavon didn’t seem to even try to work on her marriage or even try to learn more about Jihoon’s culture. They shouldn’t expect everything to work out in a couple of months, I would think it would take years.

    Jihoon was never a dad before and probably wasn’t around kids so much and drascilla was a wild child, sitting on the counters in her diaper and she didn’t listen to anyone. Not her grandma or her mother, but yet jihoon has to be perfect around drascilla.

  37. Jihoon need to man the fuck up. You got her pregnant be a man and do what real men do. Should Devan’s mom be too involved, no, but Devan cannot count on Jihoon and she’s alone. They never shouldn’t gotten married but money does a lot of things.

  38. These two were so predictable. He can’t cut the umbilical cord and be an independent adult. She is young yet so naive. There she goes again repeating the cycle again in another relationship.

  39. Jihoon did nothing but lie to Deavan but, she believed everything he said. If she had asked a few questions she may have saved alot of time and energy like, “Could you send me a pic of the apartment you got for us?” Or “Do we have dishes, blankets, towels, did you get a crib?” Or “How do you like your new job? What hours do you work? what’s your bosses name? ” Come on. Simple communication.

  40. What did any of you complete moron a think her Mom would do? I too, will ALWAYS take up for my daughter no matter what. That said, Jihoon is a nice guy but a man who won’t work a full time job cause he wants to “rest”. Nap time ended after first grade for me. Deavan made a mistake sleeping with him so fast, but I’ll never believe a child is a “mistake”. It’s seems the most hateful of you all is, in fact perfect!! No way!

  41. Good luck trying to find someone to put up with that undisciplined child..Deavan can’t control Drascilla and her poor little brother is no match for her.. Deavan isn’t very smart menwise… Wish them both the best of luck…Good thing their only children.

  42. Single mom with two different baby daddies, and to top it all off with two different races. Just wow. No man should be involved with a Western woman, especially not an American. Just pump and dump, don’t commit to those hoes.

  43. Ok so Good start over everybody, go make more fatherless babies. This guy doesn’t know anything about priorities or responsibilities and it’s just as well. Now as far as her, get on some birth control.

  44. It’s interesting to see these Americans think they can go abroad to get a better relationship. That dude was a dude. You can find that kind of man at any corner in the US of A! She’s a dumb-Ass

  45. Good for her!!! He is a loser, lazy and a bum, everything is been hand it to him and he expected from her to hand him everything too!! I feel sorry for any women that goes out with him

  46. Jihoon did lied and opened up about how didn’t take their relationship serious at first. But then he started saving his money by putting it in his moms account to help him NOT having to spend so much and learning responsibilities. Remember Devan did get the first apartment, but Jihoon got the second one that was way much better. Devan daughter told Jihoon to put her down, he looked down for one second to put his shoes on, that’s when Devan daughter ran off. Devan yelled for Jihoon to get her, when he realized the direction Devan was running, he flew pass her. Her mom didn’t even try to go after Devan daughter. All she did was yell in his face and be little him. Her mom had no reason NOT to run after her. I’m just so confused because I don’t see how ber running away wqs Jihoon fault?!? Maybe if DEVAN stepped up as her mom and not her mom whose suppose to be the grandma raise her. Then maybe she would have a well behave child. Us parents these expects for our moms to raise our kids but they’re grandma. Of course they’ll get their way and not listen. Our parents should enjoy our kids, help when it’s really needed. I’m thankful I get to raise my kids my way to where they’re listening and well behave.

  47. @Davey

    What is wrong with you??!!!
    How is it better if Jihoon takes the son? He has no home, job or common sense. And who cares if she has multiple children from different men, at least she is taking care of her kids!!

  48. I think, these two both have sets of mistakes. Deavan, being so idealistic and expecting too much from his partner especially when it comes about money, and Jihoon, being so childish and relying too much on his folks to get by, instead of supporting himself by working his ass off. Both of their parents too didn’t help as well make this couple’s life easier for them. I feel bad for their baby, and Deavan’s daughter from another guy, but their relationship has a very shallow foundation to begin with, and huge cultural and language barrier!

  49. Some remarks about Devon and Jihoon are clearly written by a cowardly teenager. Since when did sexist racist comments get through this forum. The screener isn’t doing their job unless this website is supposed to be racist.

  50. She was not a good parent from the start. That lil girl was wild as crap. Didn’t listen to anyone had no parenting direction at all. Jihoon will be much better off finding him a mean korean girl

  51. It’s easy for those of you who have never been in a relationship like this to give you a comment negative of course. I believe the mother in law is a big cause of most of the issue with this couple. She never give them an opportunity to work out their own problem she is involved in everything I think she’s overprotective mother. Children needs both parents yes dry who needs to grow up but It’s easy for those of you who have never been in a relationship like this to give you a comment negative of coarse. I believe the mother-in-law is a big cause of most of the issue with this couple. She never give them an opportunity to work out their own problem she is involved in everything I think she’s a overprotective mother. Children needs both parents yes jihoon lee who needs to grow up but he needs to be given a chance to grow up. After all he’s been his mommy’s boy for a long time. I hope they get back together I hope the divorce is not the answer. It is so easy to get a divorce these days but when you make those vowels you said for better or worse everyone seem to abandon ship when it’s the worst.

  52. I’m so happy for Jihoon, I wish him the best!! This was the best thing he could do for himself to get away from Devan and her nightmare of a Mother..She never brought anything to the table in that relationship but nastiness..I guess she will have to get a job now, oops!!! Forgot she already latched on to another Korean man.RUN DUDE RUN!!!!!

  53. I knw jihoon done a lot wrong by not getting a better job and house, yes he’s a mommas boy, but the incident with dracilla, could and probably has happened to deavan and her mom many times, that kid needed her A $& beat for not listening, it wasn’t his fault or their fault….it was the unruly kid…..but jihoon and deavan both need to grow up and stop having babies every 9 months and get real jobs and start adulting

  54. I think Dracilla running away from her mom says “STOP” is totally a parenting neglect to discipline her she’s out of control from the beginning helloooo! Blaming Jihoon for that was a asinine move. Deavin’s mother is such a b#@%&!! She obviously taught Deaven how to be a neglectful mother by example. Jihoon was taught that white lies don’t hurt so his mother isn’t a candidate for best mom either. Deaven isn’t the brightest color in the crayola box with her permanent resting b#%$& face. She played Jihoon just to see how far she could make him look stupid. Deaven you’re not a good person to do that to Jihoon in front of the world knowing exactly what you were doing. You and your mother are terrible people. I hope Deaven’s new boyfriend RUNS! If he was smart he’d learn from her past relationships! RED FLAGS DUDE!

  55. I feel bad for both of them. Jihoon because mama has coddled him and has kept his father out of the picture. She has allowed him to be irresponsible. Has not allowed him to grow up and teach him what the responsibilities of being a father is knowing he has a child. Drusilla has poor parenting. She doesn’t listen she’s allowed to do whatever she wants and there’s no discipline so it’s kind of hard for him to be able to gain control even though she does like him. She’s still not going to listen to him. There’s a lot of issues on both sides of this coin it’s not just Joan that has an issue. Yes he has big issues. But so does Deavon.

  56. I feel bad for both of them. Jihoon because mama has coddled him and has kept his father out of the picture. She has allowed him to be irresponsible. Has not allowed him to grow up and teach him what the responsibilities of being a father is knowing he has a child. Drusilla has poor parenting. She doesn’t listen she’s allowed to do whatever she wants and there’s no discipline so it’s kind of hard for him to be able to gain control even though she does like him. She’s still not going to listen to him. There’s a lot of issues on both sides of this coin it’s not just Joan that has an issue. Yes he has big issues. But so does Deavon.


  58. The lol girl has no type of up bringing when she came in on TV bef retarded and so is the grandma she was very unruly an no one said anything. the mother nor grandmother and a grown ass mother who see everyone for a baby in 2020 ..
    Come by on. Poor guy..

  59. I’m glad she’s going home? Right? Jihoon was a loafer, lazy, didn’t have a legit job, immature; his mother totally defended him on all accounts, but his dad realized his son was a loser/failure. I liked his dad.
    Deaven needs to behave sexually..
    No more kids for the next few years, please. Drascilla needs to be raised and reared right. There is absolutely no discipline in Drascilla’s life.

  60. I hope Deavan doesn’t keep the child away from his father and grandparents. She should have help him more with being a father. Another couple broken up and the child will be the one that suffers.

  61. Drascilla what a fitting name for a child that has no manners and no discipline. Of course she is going to run into the street and not listen. Then they blame jihoon… seriously? Deavons personally is so stale.

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