90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg Accuses Jihoon Lee Of Doing Vile Things

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg Accuses Jihoon Lee Of Doing Vile Things

Deavan Clegg is tired of people taking Jihoon’s side. Although she moved on soon after their divorce, the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star wants fans to know that she tried to make her relationship with Jihoon Lee work and claims it was his fault that it didn’t work out. Recently, she challenged viewers on Instagram claiming they didn’t know all the facts.

Deavan Clegg moved to Korea this season to be with Jihoon Lee. Unfortunately, he had lied about having the means to support her and her children. This caused a lot of tension in his relationship with Deavan Clegg and she was constantly debating whether or not she should stay with him.

Eventually she decided to go back to America. Jihoon Lee announced the breakup on Instagram, claiming that Deavan promised to bring their son Taeyang back to Korea every summer to see him.

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg Accuses Jihoon Lee Of Doing Vile Things

When Deavan Clegg posted a photo of another man holding Taeyang, fans criticized her for replacing Jihoon Lee so quickly. In the end, Deavan Clegg had had enough and stood up for herself.

“I’m just going to say something… I’m blocked on social media, my song is blocked,” she wrote in a comment captured by Cinema Blend. “I made contact, sent pictures of my son without a reply. I have tried and offered to come to Korea. I am tired of being blamed if I am the one trying to become a co-parent.

“I’ve been told several times that I have to pretend it never happened, because that’s what this particular person wants. I’m the one who paid all the hospital bills, I’m the one who paid everything in Korea, I’m the one who still supports my son without help. I am the one who does everything, so why am I being attacked? Because I have moved on? Because I was tired of being used and not getting any help back?”

She told the fans that Jihoon Lee wasn’t so innocent and that she had even done terrible things.

“I tried and this person said some despicable things about my son and blocked me from even sending pictures of my son?” She wrote. “But you still attack me? You don’t know what happened behind closed doors, you don’t know what kind of evil happened. I am tired of being attacked and accused and being told that I am a terrible person and that I took my son. You don’t know the half of it. My daughter is healing and I am healing.”

She promised that everything at the reunion would be special. “Wait till Tell All I’m tired of this. Something bad has happened that can never be forgiven,” she said. “I’ve tried to be a co-parent, but that’s pretty hard to do when the other person has removed a way to get in touch. Also a bit difficult if the only time he contacts you is to call you humiliating names. He has told me over and over again that he just wants to pretend it didn’t happen and has called me, my son, Drascilla vile. I’m done. I’m sick of the lies. I’m sick of pretending it’s okay. I’m done.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. On your side, don’t worry about the trolls it was VERY obvious in tv that Jihoon acts like a little kid and could not support even his own boy. He’s a sick person if he’s blocked any contact from his son. Hang in there and don’t listen to the trolls.

  2. Deavon and jihoon was fine until her mom got in her head. Thats y u never get the parents involved in ur relationship. She makes him out to be the bad girl. I haven’t heard him say one bad thing about her. He’s mad she has there son in another man’s arms. She probably was cheating on Jihoon behind the scenes. Noted he lied but she pushed him in a corner n all he was doing was trying to please everyone.

  3. Maybe it was editing, but I could barely stand to watch the segments of D&J because she is the most boring, deadpan person I’ve ever seen. Yes, Jihoon didn’t step up to the plate, but seriously, Deavan has ZERO personality. She was like watching a limp dish rag. She even talks like a limp dish rag droning on and on, she was more like a dish nag. Nag nag nag nag nag., ain’t no man going to step up for that kind of woman. The only time I saw her smile was when her mom made a snarky comment about Jihoon. She can judge Jihoon all she wants, but raising a family is so much more than just financial responsibility. Maybe she should look at her own parenting skills before she throws stones. That daughter of hers is a rude misbehaved brat that does whatever she wants and gets away with it. She was literally unbearable to watch. Jihoon will eventually grow up, and he should definitely be supporting that baby, but at least he has a personality. Deavan on the other hand will no doubt be nagging the new guy to death before long while Drascilla swings from the rafters slinging jello.
    Run new guy, run!

  4. Jihoon has shown that he is not ready to be an adult or a parent. There is a large American community with the military in Seoul that could have helped you. He is a liar and a dud. He should get a job and visit his son, not you taking him to Korea every uear.

  5. I hear you girl, forget what everyone else is saying you know exactly what happened he’s a dead beat and you and your 2 beautiful children deserve better

  6. Don’t worry,you are doing a great job. Ignore the ignorant that don’t know what is actually going on but just think they do! Hold your head up high!!

  7. Girl a deadbeat is a deadbeat! In the beginning he had us all fooled thinking he was so kind & loving but the more I saw of him & his temper tantrums I kept waiting for his mommy to breastfeed him. I worried about Drascilla with him & the was he held her & wanted to spend more time with her than his own son. I pray that she is alright & my concerns are not warranted. Keep your head up, be the mom those babies deserve & don’t give a second thought to the trash talk on social media! You & yours will be in my thoughts & prayers
    God Bless
    Love from a concerned mom, grandma & friend if you ever need an ear to listen or eyes to read what you need to get off your chest!
    😀 Melissa (Meme)

  8. Good for you. Move forward. We all could see how hard you tried constantly. N what a 12 year old boy he acted like n his parents supported his childish ways. As his mommy laughed at you when you were serious or crying. Yes, loose those morons. N definitely move forward. You can do 100% better. Blessings, Love from Canada

  9. Move on. ..Jihoon could have gotten a job, but chose not to. ..we were supposed to feel sorry for him. Hes a man child .
    Please read up on birth control, practice it, and move on.

  10. You were just looking for a dumbing to raise your bad kid and you want money your not a saint your a bad mother close your legs your a fake

  11. I would have left him after the first month. He is and was childish the whole time. The problem with people today and even 30 plus years ago, is everyone says stay with your spouse for the kid. BULL SHIT! Kids only complicate things. When you date or marry someone you should never have kids for 3-5 years. Too much changes in relationships and you do not know the person till you were in difficult sîtuations with them. Why would you let him play with your feelings so much? You r just trying to please others but not you. You are the one who has to do something about this relationship. All those people thinking you moved on are clueless. They would suffer for years just do no one says they didn’t try. That’s so wrong. You do what you need to do and want to do. So what if they think you are in the wrong because girl you ARE DO RIGHT TO MOVE ON.

  12. She’s an ugly person inside and out and a terrible mother. Hasn’t even bothered to potty train her daughter. I hope she never has another child.

  13. It is quite obvious that jihoon was not ready for the responsibility of being a father, husband. He’s a man child still living his youth and shrugging off his responsibility as a father and husband. Be strong and have faith that you have chosen the right path in life. Sometimes we go down the wrong road until we find the right path of life. The main thing is the love and support for your children and I believe they have that. Good luck in your future devan. Much love to all.

  14. I would not have put up with half of what you did! To continually lie like he does and his parents enable him the way they do, he will never grow up to be a man. Glad to hear you have moved on and wish you and your family the best!

  15. Jihoon was very childish but that incident where he was jumped on when Drascilla ran off was uncalled for! Drascilla was being a little brat and should have had her bottom spanked and then made sit in a corner for a while! They put all the blame on Jihoon and they were as much at fault as he was!

  16. Honey don’t listen to the BS people say.I wanted you so bad not to go back to Korea he didn’t deserve you.Ive been to hell and back myself.Tell these people to kiss your royal ass and realize what a shit bag he is.
    Block him from calling you there is no point in letting him be a part of being a co parent he proved that he can’t do it.You and your children deserve a good life here in America.May God bless you and your family Love your mother.

  17. I feel for you
    I could tell that you fear him I saw the episode where you had a sit down with his parents and he he storms out like a baby crying I saw your actions on your face no one knows what really happened behind closed doors you should have left with your mother and don’t look back besides isn’t he supposed to be a man and provide for his son and come see him
    Why did you have to do all the traveling he also seems spoiled and throws tantrums you don’t have to go threw all that crap stay home and let him come see his son mommy and daddy shouldn’t have spoiled him so much

  18. I am pretty sure Jihoon just wanted sex from you, initially. He didn’t sign up for a family and a little wild girl. He was living the life of an adolescent boy child. He was in alignment with his culture and his indulgent parents. I have 2 words for you Deaven…birth control!

  19. You do what makes you and your family happy
    Fans only see what is shown on tv. People are judgemental. Thanks for being on the show. I wish you and your family nothing but the best. Jihoon is a boy! He may never grow up sadly!

  20. I can’t believe that there are those that take this “man-child’s” side. I don’t know how she stayed with him as long as she did. She is strong, smart, and beautiful. Don’t ever settle….wait for a good MAN.

  21. She already had 3 broken relationships….and i imagined her mom had alot to do with it ….i think is time for her to stop being a mama’s girl and grow up and be a adult and stop laying around with every Tom , Dick and Harry

  22. Why did it take you so long! He’s a child and will never grow up. Stay in America and find an American guy! Your young and beautiful. Be patient. There is a guy out there for you!

  23. Your son has a good mother. It is better to have one good parent to teach the right things
    He doesn’t need the confused by his father’s actions.
    Bless you.
    I left a bad situation and never regretted it.

  24. Deavann ignore the nay sawyers. There is something wring with them. I don’t usually follow these but I guess I was meant to read this one because I think you are my favorite person on this season. You obviously have tried your best to make this work and have given up so much to that end. These fans I guess are the same crazy people who love Angela and Michael and some others. I get all the shows mixed up but girl you do you. You have it together. Ignore the crazies. They are not worth your time and energy.

  25. Deavan, like the old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but not to drink. Ignore those who have no clue what its like, to keep giving someone chance after chance to fix & do the right thing. Time for you & your babies to move on. Its time you got on with life. If/when you meet someone who treats you & your children, with the live & respect you deserve. Jihoon is still a little boy. My dear you need a man, NOT another child. Take care of yourself & your precious babies. You have more people encouraging you from the sideline’ than you know.

  26. Oh hell…..definitely on Deavan’s side. Jihoon is not a man, he is a man-child. Very immature and a huge mamas boy!

  27. I was ver surprised that you stay with him for so long. You are a good person that deserve to be happy and if love knocked on your door so soon so be it. Open that door and enjoy!!! I wish you and your kids the best.

  28. So maybe don’t get pregnant right away the next time you date someone. Tou need to take years to know someone. Jihoon wasn’t old enough mentally for the things you tried to foist on him. Try not having any more kids for awhile. You now have 2 fatherless kids don’t ruin any more children’s lives! You are responsible as their mother.

  29. I’m on your side. From what was shown, Jihoon needs to grow up. Even him blocking you is childish when a child is involved. After all that she has gone through, I pray she finds someone who will act like an adult.

  30. Jihoon it’s good that Deavan left she’s a bitch just like her mom! Ya you missed up by not getting a job and lieing to her and not saving money to get them a nice apartment. But it seem like she wanted to be the boss of you and have you raise her daughter whom is a BRAT! Because her mom doesn’t discipline her kid cindymosuna.66whom is out of control! You watch the next guy she finds won’t tolerate her daughter or her!!

  31. Poor Deavan, always the victim
    She hot herself knocked up by a guy she hardly knew and made some terrible decisions about where she spent her money. Jihoon is a child and his parents have babies him his whole life and I think its terrible he is turning his back on his child, but she isn’t the first one to marry a guy who turns out to be a turd. She got new teeth and plastic surgery out of it, so 🤷‍♀️

  32. Its the constant,constant nagging of her.Its her mother trying to butt in. Its his mother treating him like a 12 ur old. But you can see his father hasn’t gotten far either. Its Drascilla, a misbehaving child that isn’t corrected,acting like a puppy and that’s to say it nicely. When she ran off and kept running when everyone yelled her her. Let’s blame it all on Jahoon. Even that everyone was standing right there. If that kid would be raised to listen it would have stopped. I raised 4 this wasn’t happening. To Jahoon, he’s a joke. No ambition,no drive.Needs naps? Lol.He lies.She cheated.They are all a mess. Its best she shuts up cuts her losses, find a guy to support her and can shut her complaining up. Jihoon,stay w mom and dad or you be homeless in 10-15 yrs. I know where to find you.

  33. You did good for you and your kids. He is a hustler in Korea you should of caught that. In all respect glad your back home. A bit of advice you need to control your baby girl she is to wild. A little discipline does not hurt. Take care all the best you are beautiful do you and your kids. Count this as an experience.

  34. Boy, in reading all the nay sayers defending Jahoon is astonishing to me. Leaving your homeland behind for a country in which you do not speak nor understand the language is brave. To not have the support of your spouse who is from this country yet fails to secure an apartment, fails to provide funds, fails to step up to plate leaving the entire burden as a young mother on foreign land to shoulder all responsibilities including financial is mind numbing. It shows to me just how strong a woman she is but more importantly just how weak a man he is. And his mother supporting and defending his lack of responsibility is astonishing still! Good for her to move on. She endured way more than any wife, mother should. If karma holds true, a prince is what she now deserves. Rooting for her and her family! She’s smart. With too kind of a heart.

  35. All she did was cry cry cry,, she’s self absorbed when she posts those pictures of herself, she should get her first kid under control, what do these people think when you go on 90 days it’s gonna be perfect in 90 days, that’s first mistake, they act desperate. All it is is attention poor me poor him. Grow up. And stop airing your life on tv for attention.

  36. Girl don’t worry about what other people say!! He was a mama’s boy!! I’ve never cared for him. I mean damn giving his mama hus money cause he can’t be trusted to do the right thing and help you with the bills and help support his son. He is a worthless man, never wanting to take responsibility for his actions. You and your beautiful babies are better off without him. Do you girl!!!!!!

  37. Im glad you left korea jeez my wife an I also my mom was hopeing for that to happen u can only do so much and when your tired even though you love someone love also gets tired an you have to walk away

  38. The dish rag/nag is a perfect way to describe the representation of the big gelatinous blob named Deavan.
    Not completely raising your child is a form of neglect.
    Not being there to help her fully potty train and drink from a regular cup is neglect.
    I went to the jungle and a baby younger than Dracula could hold a cup with tea and eat by the fire all by itself.

    How does that make any sense? A whole jungle!

    She is in the ‘best country in the world” lol!
    Look at the response for COVID-19!


    The working class people in the u.s. don’t even have their taxes yet… what a joke the u.s. has become! She is worse.

    Not to mention the joke of someone wanting to have secrets on a reality tv show! Sign her up first in line yes.

    I can almost guarantee Dracula was finally disciplined for once and oh no can’t have an adult in charge…

    Only allow a child to make decisions and run the entire family.
    Lol okay people that makes a lot of sense!
    Listen to a kid in diapers hahaha. Wtf year is this?

    The rag/nag comment is true.

    NOOOOOOO man will have a love boner for a big ol mouth open all the time complaining about finally taking responsibility. No wonder she has issues with it. Deavan is use to blaming other people and holding EVERYONE else to a higher standard while her daughter needs to be put through an exorcism…. Not even joking. That whole family has got some mental health issue. Pulling reasons out of a hat at this point, who could be THAT stupid?
    (The Deavan family)
    Plus really if she WAS MAKING OH SO MUCH MONEY in her job before this show……
    Tell me why she looks like a plastic highschool monsters doll?
    Tell me how that worked out?

    It doesn’t make sense.

    She even got scammed and almost lost her LIPS omg I’m crying laughing at that. Lost her LIPS from NOT being responsible (what’s new?)


    Lemme tell you she is faced with choices and chooses the worst option unavailable to anyone because she creates ultimate lows. Way lows. When you make a bond with someone you are in that bond whether a paper is making you do it or not.
    She really thinks humans aren’t special? Special beings that have energies.. I will admit hers are probably all blocked by the way she lives her life. All meridians are completely out of order in this “lady” transformed to a blow up doll.

    And lemme say rectangular teeth are a hard no go.
    Boo no, stop trying to be a blow up doll. Your daughter doesn’t even look like you 😂 why? Just why? You don’t even match your family heritage anymore from all the needles in your face.

    Do yourself a favor and try needles from acupuncture.
    Please do it for your own self to have something start working inside that body for once in your young life. You act like you’re 12 pregnant. God and you’re in your 20s GROW UP

  39. Yeah get used to everyone blaming the female. It is a fact that Deaven supported the family, that Deaven paid for everything. And while no one is perfect – Jihoon will never grow the f*%k up! In fact, he was the whiny little b*%ch! So yeah girl – move on from this loser. It appears to me that everyone should want an equal partner in a rekationship.

  40. Just let this be a teachable monent.It takes time to really know some one fully even then its not 100 percent.Whats going to be difficult and sad is the effect it will have on the beautiful son.Take your time reflect Get to know you and what you want fir you and the the children.Men are out there they can wait a bit.Trust your heart and your mind

  41. Jihoon should never be a father. He’s a mama’s boy and will never grow up. Don’t spend your money taking your son to see him. He needs to spend some money and come to visit him here in the states.

  42. Jihoon is a man-child and a lazy one at that. He will be unemployed and living with Mom and Dad even when he is in his 50’s. Deavan would be kind of hot if she didn’t have all those trashy tattoos. She is basically a whore. She sleeps with two random guys and gets knocked up twice. That brat kid of hers, Drasilla may very well grow up to be a psychopath. The kid has obviously never been disciplined.

  43. Devan this is your life baby. You only get one life and you deserve to be happy and do what makes you happy. I know what it feels like to be the mom and dad and breadwinner. I’ve been through it twice and sooner or later the other person becomes dead weight that you just can’t carry anymore. Jihoon blatantly shows that he does not want to step up. He is more than comfortable sitting around and letting you do it all. I’m glad you found somebody to be happy with and you didn’t waste any time. Believe me nobody else would have wasted any time either! Don’t let the comments from ignorant people rule your life baby. Let God the Father rule your life first and you rule the rest. You are in my prayers baby. Don’t worry, be happy!! Listen to that song! It helps haha!

  44. Deavan quit playing victim. You’ve been trying to make a man out of him throughout this relationship. Both of you were irresponsible.

  45. The shirt time that I watched your episode you seemed to be the better parent and I know a user when I see one bc I did the same thing years ago they just don’t care and continue to lie and make accuses for their actions it’s better that you do move on and take a look at yourself and understand your value as a person, and that other person better treat you with the upmost respect otherwise let him go.

  46. On your side chica… He was a little boy that didn’t know how to grow up and didn’t want to grow up… He wanted to keep sucking his mama’s boobie

  47. I was so frustrated for you. Watching Jihoon act so childish was just tiring. You were the only adult in that marriage. So glad you are divorced, in the US, and have your children with you. God bless you.

  48. The only crime of Jihoon is that he had a one night stand with a complete raving lunatic. Her entire family is mentally ill and the more of them that showed up in South Korea, the more appalled his family had to be. Two looks at her daughter would tell anyone she is not a fit parent which works for her and her Mom since her Mom seems to raise the feral child. Since this is her second oops pregnancy, she should have known better. N guy having a one night stand wants Deaven and her kids moving in to support them. Men beware, there are lots of looks like this.

  49. Next time she has a one night stand she should make sure the guy can support her, her daughter and her mom when she visits since that what Deaven expects from having someone’s baby. It hasn’t worked for Deaven twice now.

  50. I think you’re horrible person who treats that man very badly Don’t be such a heartless money grubbing Self centred narcissist

  51. This women is a horrible person she wanted this man and his family so bad now she has it and treats him like shit this is fucked up

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