90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins Undergoes Lip Revitalization And Ombre Shadow

90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins Undergoes Lip Revitalization And Ombre Shadow

Karine Martins and Paul Staehle took a roller coaster ride as far as their relationship on 90 Day Fiance is taken into account. Although the quarrel was intense, the couple managed to reconcile. After they got back together, Martins even got a makeover. Speaking of which, she recently underwent a cosmetic surgery in Brazil that highlighted some of her facial features.

90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins Undergoes Lip Revitalization And Ombre Shadow

According to beauty experts, Karine has a combo that is ideal for enhancing and embellishing facial features. Her refreshed and glowing face revealed a revitalization of the lips and an umbral shadow. The elevator procedure was a non-surgical procedure that gave her a sexy pout. AsAs for the ombre eyebrows, they create the illusion of a soft eyebrow pencil.

When the altercation was in full swing, fans were shown a live stream of it on Instagram. When the police got to them, Paul Staehle went live on social media. The dispute escalated to a point where Karine left the house with her son. She even filed a complaint against Paul Staehle, but later he accused the interpreter of making up stories in the complaint.

For a while the couple had temporary injunctions that prevented them from being close to each other. But later the couple decided to drop all the charges and withdraw the restraining order. They reconciled and since Karine Martins and Paul Staehle they are stronger than ever.

Later, Paul Staehle acknowledged that it will not be easy. But he also said that although it can sometimes be very difficult, they will work through it every day. He also expressed his love for his wife by quoting some romantic lines from the notebook.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Good way to spend money you don’t have. And Karine… FORGET IT. You’re in your early 20’s and look older and less attractive than your mother. Looks not the important thing but this woman/child/mess is a terrible person all around.

  2. Did she have an allergic reaction to her unnatural fillers? Her face looks extra swollen on her left side.

    I am sure she feels beautiful but I thought she was naturally beautiful. I just wish they could get their personal life ironed out.

  3. Unreal. How can you go from dead broke to having cosmetic procedures. From hate to love. While all the time fans are thinking she’s in danger & Paul being a nutjob. Well as for me I’m done. If you want support then tell the truth instead of what gets you money & attention….

  4. Marine needs to get as far away from Paul as she can! He’s lazy, jealous, and will never work and take care of her and her children because he depends on his mama to take care of everything. He’s a convicted abuser. She needs to cut her losses and be done with this loser!!!!

  5. They can’t afford a decent place to live, he has no job! Where did the money for this come from? Her content wining is annoying! Look where they lived in her country, but America isn’t good enough!

  6. I’m a little bit CONFUSED..These people hardly had any money that they had to live in a studio..Paul asked his Mother how many times for FINANCIAL help but they MIRACULOUSLY have money to do her face..COME ON NOW..just another fake show with fake story lines

  7. Karine and Paul can’t provide a stable home for their child, but karine wastes money on facial enhancements that doesn’t make her face any prettier ..
    Grow up and think about your child !!

  8. Love this show because I can turn it on and watch a bunch of crazies. Karine getting cosmetic surgery should of used that cash for her child maybe a better place to live love watching the train wreck all the individuals on this show all crazy from Paul’s mother all the way down poor little baby Karine and Paul’s little boy

  9. Vcs são idiotas? Ela não fez plástica, são procedimentos comuns em salões no Brasil, e mais, não deve ter pagado ir nada, deve ter ganhado permuta pra divulgar o trabalho.

  10. Search google for the contestants of 90 day finance net worth now. It’s mind boggling the amount of money they now gave. The more you watch this stupid show. And follow them on Instagram the more money they make. I’ll pass on all the drama and stupidity. I watched it with my GF for a while but I have better things to do with my life

  11. Man I’ve been trying to figure out for a while exactly how stupid karine is, now I know she’s not only dumb as a box of rocks, but she’s fugly too.

  12. Are people realizing that cosmetic procedures cost pennies on a dollar in these countries? I had microblading for my eyebrows costing me about $50USD vs paying $300 here in the US.

    Karine has been broken by Paul and his verbal abuse. If this is what it took to raise her self esteem, so be it. Why all the bashing??? She isn’t asking anyone for $$$ and remember WE are watching her on TV.

    Good for you Karine. You look good.

  13. the only reason it seems to me why these foreigners marry some of these losers is so they can get cosmetic surgery. seems they have all done it….Darcy is starting to looking clownish

  14. These 2 need to stop having children and separate from each other. It is by far the most toxic thing I have ever seen and they scream that they are poor and don’t even have a proper place to live yet she can get facial procedures? Weird! We really need to stop making stupid people famous.

  15. A ton of people that are or have been on Tv get free cosmetic or dental surgeries just for promoting what DR they used. So we can’t really judge on if they did or didn’t spend money on it. I am sure it is a ton of pressure being on TV. If people didn’t judge EVERYTHING other people do it wouldn’t be so difficult.

  16. I am so confused… Did the money they made from this show pay for this surgery? Do they now have a better place for the Baby? Has Paul stopped begging his Mom for Money? Where is the Baby…where are they living? Is Paul in jail? They need counseling !!!

  17. … She had horribly scarred skin from acne, so I get that. But yeah… Paul can’t get/keep a job, his Mommy has to buy dog food for his dogs, (and who’s taking care of them..?!? 🤷‍♀️), and the couple fights constantly. They’re making their monies from being on the show. Maybe they should learn to invest, because once their portion of 90-Day ends, they’ll be destitute again, (or she can work and incompetent Paul can watch the kids).

  18. TLC pays these “stars”, I believe per episode. Several of these stars have had better circumstances since working on “90 Day Fiance”!

  19. Chris Radone has and image problem. He left her and she waited. Then he starts doing what she was doing. Work outs. He is a whinner. So happy for her. Still about him. He is narcissistic.

  20. Karine is a whiny little baby Paul is obviously slow but he does try but as far as taking care of a child and a wife there is no way he can do that. His wife needs to go back to Brazil all she does is whine and cry about everything at least you got a small one room home that has air conditioning wow! I mean seriously and then they come up with all these sexual problems abusive which is it. I feel sorry for that child. Everyone can moan and groan all they want she blows money wherever it came from I don’t know neither of them have money to take care of a child or themselves what happened to the German Shepherd dogs where are they who feeds them. Karine is mean she says some horrible things to Paul I would have said see you don’t want to be you and the first start of the show because the horrible things that she says you don’t treat people that you love like that at all!! No Paul does not call her names. Just get over it and move on.

  21. Everyone is saying she’s wasting money. But anyone with a little bit of knowledge of social media marketing/influencers would know that any business would be over moon to do this service for free in exchange for using Karine’s name for promotion. In 2020, considering Karine has over 400k followers on Instagram the standard would be to actually pay Karine a couple thousand dollars for this promotion. Paul and Karine could make a TONNE of money off their Instagram account alone if they are using it correctly.

  22. This is hilarious, you guys… literally she could get her lips done and eyebrows done for free if you notice shes kind of a conversation piece at this point. Look at how many followers she has on her Instagram. I would have totally done it for free if she posted it on her page where she got it done. Y’all are big time judgemental. Stay out her pockets and stop being jealous bc you cant get the hook up. Sounds like shes a mess but hunty just because she lives in a 3rd world country doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve shit.

  23. She’s a hot mess. He’s a loser. What a freekin pair . Get off tv, get some jobs and take care of your child. Stop wasting money making yourself into something your not . You were ugly before now it’s just comical.

  24. They need to quit. He is getting what he deserves. She thought she had a good one that will give her anything. She opened her eyes real fast when she seen he wasn’t. That’s why she started to talk to other men. That’s probably when she got the money from one of her “Sugar Daddies”. She talked to them putting him down so she could get more sympathy which means more money. Her so called husband is just to stupid and desperate to open his eyes.

  25. WTF???? When you become a parent there are NO SUCH things as PLASTIC SURGERY!!! You sacrifice EVERYTHING to give your child EVERYTHING they need FIRST!! GTFU and get your shit together you two! Stop spending $$ on shit you DO NOT NEED!! Somebody call DSS

  26. I think being in the 90 day show makes the women feel like stars and celebrity. So they spend money for the face procedures. Where more becomes from? Maybe from the show?

  27. Lots of people dare badmouthing Paul but she’s really the cause of their fights when she accepts money from men off social media,Karine needs 2 stop blaming Paul for her insecurities and grow up.

  28. I thought thry were struggling financially? Where do these people get money for PS? Get you priorities right people!

  29. you already know the whole show is scripted and even though they live in a shack and even though it’s a mess in their relationship and they all act like they don’t have any money, they’re making money from the show.. no one would let their whole life be on national TV and come back season after season and not get paid….she can do what she wants

  30. They get paid to be on the show and must make some social media money too. I’m sure they gotta have a decent life by now but exaggerate their miserable living conditions just to create drama for the show.

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