90 Day Fiance: Paul and Karine Continue to Fight

90 Day Fiance: Paul and Karine Continue to Fight

90 Day Fiance stars Paul and his wife Karine currently live in two different countries, but where they are, it seems backwards. Despite the global pandemic, Paul Staehle went back to Brazil to renovate their apartment before Karine Martins and their son Pierre return. The situation between the two is still unclear.

90 Day Fiance: Paul and Karine Continue to Fight

On the last season of Happily Ever After, Paul and Karine moved to America together with Pierre. However, the 90 Day Fiance couple did not have a good start to their new life in the States.

Paul Staehle was not able to take much care of his family because he had no work or money. So Karine Martins was not happy that her husband was not able to keep his promises. Without a family to support her, she felt alone in America.

The battle between the 90 Day Fiance reality stars didn’t stop. Last month, Karine and Paul Staehle from TLC got into a fight. Paul Staehle had found out that Karine Martins was talking to a lawyer about child support and divorce, and he didn’t take it well. He then filed a restraining order against her. At the same time, she filed a lawsuit against her husband. It is not clear if the two are on speaking terms.

Paul is currently back in Brazil. However, he has not returned with Karine. The 90 Day Fiance castmate announced that he is back in the country to prepare their apartment for Karine and Pierre to live in.

However, he didn’t say if he will stay in Brazil with his wife and son. In the past, Paul Staehle had trouble finding a job. It was a reason why the couple had moved to the US, but with his marriage to Karine Martins on the rocks, he was able to move back to make her happy.

90 Day Fiance’s Karine is not with Paul in her homeland. She is still in the states with Pierre. On Happily Ever After, Karine did talk about moving back. She even got advice from a lawyer about taking Pierre with her. Karine Martins found out, however, that it wouldn’t be as easy as she thought. When she put the idea to Paul Staehle, he was afraid she was trying to take their son away from him.

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  1. I am sick & tired of Paul & Karine’s story. He is trying and she is being a spoiled little brat. She needs to grow up and start acting like a wife should and that is to be more supportive of her husband. All I see her do is roll her eyes at him and be lazy.

  2. Foreign girls need to open their eyes and smell the coffee. Doesnt mean a guy is white or American he has good intentions or is rich. Alot of these girls from these countries are being told sugar dreams with honey instead of the man being honest with them and actually be in the relationship for love. Unfortunately most of the time is sexual explosion and other degrading intentions take place.This type of men do not to take care of these woman. Karine just regrets it all,that’s why she’s always stress out. It’s not what she thought it was going to be.

  3. Karine just made a bad mistake marrying Paul. He can’t provide for a wife and child with a criminal record. And i think she feels he’s not understanding how she feels. She had a baby. And they really don’t have money. And they live in a small place. She probably feels safer in Brazil she has family. I don’t think they are to be together. Just because they have a child that doesn’t mean there relationship will workout.

  4. Karine acts if shes a clean jean , when paul showed her that trailer and she said “too dirty paul ” well her studio apt isnt any cleaner. Karine is plane out dirty with plastic on the windows come on clean up ! she’s to busy always texting someone who knows probably her boyfriend. I’ve had enough of those two meat heads !

  5. I agree! She is acting like a beat. But I think she wanted 1/2 the American Dream. ($$$). She didn’t really want HIM and wasn’t pressed to moce. The baby, financial support, and the ability to get anything she needed for her and her family was fine. She may not have started out that way but once she saw the man she was working with, she figured she’d make the best of it. Had Paul been just about any of the other American guys, she would have been fine. But what about the tour of the water treatment plant? His eyes would have been rolling NOT MINE!

  6. Karine has her mind made up before coming to the US with Paul. She showed her resentments towards paul immediately she stepped into the US. She is pregnant for her boy friend and Paul was not aware of it. Karine is insatiable and an ingrate. She was busy insulting paul and ridiculing paul because her boy inticing her to leave her husband. Now she doesn’t want to go back to Brazil. She must go back to Brazil and leave paul alone. She comparing American malls to Brazil. We saw where paul went and all the risks paul took to bring her out. Even house we saw in a mosquitoe infested Swamp. Now shes got a new swagger because shes in America. Go back to Brazil Karin, dont hide in Indiana

  7. This girl is impossible! She is still talking to other men, she is looking for a richer way out of Paul! It’s so obvious, she could barely wait to hurry up and talk to a lawyer! She is the most unstable of the two. He barely has a chance to look for a job from having to cater to her lazy ass all day long. She doesn’t NEED the baby glued to her arms or lay down with him when he sleeps. She needs to help him with responsibilities and support and encourage him. She only smiles when she gets her way. She’s a miserable and manipulative person. Paul can’t find work having to please her lazy ass first all day long, it takes time to find work and she’s criticising him for trying to make her comfortable in a home first? Yah right she’s had an agenda since day 1, this will only get worse. He needs to work, save money and lawyer up, he’s going to need it. He’s not her Mr. Right, he’s her Mr. Right Now. There are tons of people sitting in foreign poverty stricken areas of the world on their cell phones all day looking for their ticket out too. When they get here and realize life in America is not free and you aren’t handed a thing unless you are possibly from wealth, then they miss their family. The ignorance falls on the American’s who Fail to educate themselves rather than flatter themselves on the phony on the other side of the keyboard. You get what you put in to it.

  8. Karine needs to get off her ass and get a job herself. The place Paul provided for her was 10 times better than the rat infested place they were living in Brazil. Paul needs to dump her fast. It’s not like she’s a stunning beauty. She’s ugly as shit.

  9. Paul is incredibly off his rocker. He took Karine to a water treatment plant in an attempt to show her different things in America. What kind of idiot is he things she would be interested in that.

  10. I agree, Karine just wants a lot of fancy things and money. She is living better in the States than she was in Brazil. Paul had financial struggles before she married him, he was not stable enough to have a wife, he couldn’t take care of himself. Karine picked the wrong man if she wanted to live high and mighty. She only married for what she thought she would get financially, she does not love paul

  11. These two people should have not procreated. Paul and Karine are both extremely lazy. She expected a very wealthy guy… Not. Karine, does nothing to keep a home. They are a mess

  12. Paul needs to find a job and stop with the excuses. She is always being let down and promises always being broken. He lives off his mother, and has excuses after excuse after excuse to why he has not gotten a job yet. With the record or not he could still find a job. He could even go to a company to help him find a job with his record. To me Paul is the lazy one and Karine has every reason to want to go back home to her family. I’m sure a lot more goes on behind closed doors but he needs to hurry up and get it together.

  13. Paul lied to get her and continues to lie he is the lazy one, not workimg ever and living off his parents. He needs to be a real man and support his family thats why she is not happy he lied is a liar and cant even buy basic things without his mommy and daddy.

  14. Are you kidding me? Paul is not going to work. He is lazy, and poor Marine should be set free to return to her family and away from the Looney Paul.

  15. I agree that she is way too hard on him. She wants a man who will do everything a man is supposed to do in a relationship like work and provide BUT she also wants him to clean the house and change diapers and take care of the baby while she lays around doing what she does best — laying in her bed on her phone.

  16. Yes he is kind of stupid and don’t want to work you lazy but it’s not like she had any better life in Brazil in that trash out how she was living in with her parents or the Trashy apartment hiring po live Dan if she would accept responsibility instead of expecting everything from him they might actually make some progress with their life

  17. I admire Paul because all he wants out of life is a loving family…we all have made mistakes in our past …he is doing the best he can to provide for his family without any support from his wife…hang in there Paul…keep plugging…dont give up…something will break for you and your family…

  18. Yes, I agree. All I see is Paul doing his best to try to make her happy. It seems to me that she is a spoiled brat. Her parents spoiled her. Why did he file a restraining order against her? That sounds so serious. Maybe it is best for them to be apart? Karine should let Paul be a father to his kid though.

  19. I too am sick of these two. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could trust her. She told Paul she sees nothing wrong with still stalking to men on line. Her single days are over. She is so spoiled…she is also lazy and wants everything done for her. If I were Paul I would be scared how she would rear my kids…she seems to have no morals. She doesn’t know how to act in a disagreement. They should try marriage counseling ASAP… They are both a little nuts.

  20. Same here I’m tired looking to Paul and Karine lovelife story. Karine you need to act as a wife and mother! with your husband past or situation you need to support him or encourage him in order to have a better life of living. You need to face the reality otherwise if you’re in United States of America you need to find or look a job to help him. I know you guys have a baby…find a remedy who can watch or babysit him without money involved. On top of that trials you need to pray to God because nothing impossible if yiu ask Him for help. God will give you everything what you need. Trust Him to God all the time and He will help you everything.

  21. I think Paul and Karine are the worst couple ever!! He is controlling and weird and she is a lazy gold digger. He seems like he’ll do anything to keep her and she wants to run and hide from him. PLEASE break up already!!

  22. Paul just wants his mom to pay for everything and pretend to take care of his family. He has excuse after excuse. Karine never wanted to leave Brazil but she did for Paul. She wanted to stay with her family and live in her apartment with her son and husband. She didn’t care that the USA has better medical care and its cleaner. She made this move for Paul and her son because of Paul’s promise that life would be better in the USA. If Paul actually did what she says when it comes to the verbal/emotional abuse as well as the sexual assault she did the right thing to leave him.

  23. Paul is the lazy one. He’s never worked or supported his wife and now family. Her family supported them. He is controlling and manipulating, he constantly belittles her yet calls her sweetheart and baby and that’s supposed to make it alright? He’s an idiot. His own mother is done with him and his manipulation. Pretty sad.

  24. She is lazy and acts like her life in Brazil was so much better. She lived in a very poor area and her parents
    Home was not a palace. She should try to get a job herself and let Paul take care of Pierre!

  25. I think Karine expects way too much from Paul all at once! I agree he needs to get a job to support both of them! But, she is being a bit like a spoiled brat that wants everything right now. She shows him no support at all, she is never happy, she is a bit lazy, maybe if she took a stand to be more supported, they may get along

  26. I think they both should’ve thought this through more. I hate how in a lot of the couple’s, the financial burden is placed almost exclusively on the man. In America, everyone goes to work. Considering Paul’s criminal record, he’s going to have a harder time finding a job. It might make more sense for Karine to look for work to help the family while Paul takes care of the house. Back in Brazil, karine had 0 responsibilities and left her home in a pigsty. She’s in her early 20s and should’ve been focusing on bettering her future rather than waiting for a prince charming to come along! Plus the couple’s rush into parenthood when they’re just starting to navigate their relationships with each other! Bad choices all around!!!!!

  27. Supportive of a husband that could get a pizza delivery/fast food preparer/or other service industry job? I DON’T think so! If he was ANY KIND OF MAN he’d be busting his lazy buns to get ANY KIND OF WORK to support his family! He just thought he’d play the sympathy card with his mother one more time (who has paid enough). How do you think he gets the money for anything he’s doing? Either he’s going into credit card debt (in which case WE end up paying for his defaulted account since he won’t be able to pay), or his mother’s paying for everything.
    Too many of these 90 day people are children in adult bodies, not suffering any consequences for their poor decisions. Why’d he enter into a relationship, when he couldn’t even support his two dogs (who are penned up in a too small enclosure). Then on top of everything he takes Karine to a waste facility that processes human FECES for a tour. That’s the wonderful life that Paul thinks is America? Who wants to tour $#!+ ????
    I financed my education with service industry work, as did many others just listen to Dave Ramsey.
    Bleak as it seems I’d tell Karine to RUN back to her country. That poor child Pierre.

  28. Their story keeps dragging on and on with no changes. These unlikable characters need to move on. She keeps rolling her eyes and making demands. He acts like she is the last female on earth and needs job interview coaching.
    She ought to be more supportive of the father of her children. Its just getting old.

  29. Paul tries everything to make her happy, she us very moody , she is not trying at all to save her marriage
    Paul can not do it by himself. Grow up Karine, be a wife .

  30. I. Sick of coordinating, she is nothing but a lazy do-nothing wife, she can’t en keep a one bedroon apt. Clean, she can’t even kill flys.
    All she does is bitch and complain. She could of had more here if she would have even supported Paul some . Paul take her ass back to her dirty hole and leave her there.
    she will never love you
    Find a job paul its not that hard.

  31. they are both stupid. None of y’all know Paul like karine or his exes ( I am Paul’s ex) he is stupid, he manipulates, he is a begger, he is a hoarder, he makes promises that he knows he can not fulfill. He moved me away from my family when I was young. He did the exact same to me, except I had no kid. Paul is insane! He keeps trash in trash bags stacked in the place of living. We lived in a hotel the whole first 2 years- that his mother Edna paid for. He got food stamps. The only way we ate. He collected garbage and would not throw it away because, “it was important” we also lived in a shitty 1 bedroom mobile home. 3506 caravan way Louisville ky. For a year or two. He promised to get a job, he promised to stop bumming off his mom, he promised to change. He promised to take me to see my parents, he promised to help me get a car before I moved down to Louisville. It was all lies. So I got a job, but he got jealous I was talking to other men. So he hacked my emails, social media and posted things on my accounts, he reported my phone stolen which got my phone disconnected, he turned my family against me and told everyone I had mood swings and was mental. I eventually had to quit my jobs because he refused to take me to work and he had told me horror stories about the public buses. The fights got so bad. Over his OCD, that clearly any idiot can see on the shows! His would not stop hoarding his trash. I could not deal with it so I left him. Guess what he did. Put a epo on me! Cement downtown and said I was threatening to kill myself, so the police came and took me to a 24 hour hold. He did this multiple times. Karine is a dumb bitch. She had a kid with him. She knew how he was in Brazil, she even spoke on how he was embarrassing. She moved here to find someone better, how obvious. She is young and she wants the American dream. But let’s take a minute and be serious both of the men on 90day finance from Louisville ky is broke, jobless, ugly and homeless and marrying way younger women thinking they really want to be with them. What a fucking joke

  32. That Karine doesn’t give a gad damn about anything Paul does for their family. That is a spoiled, candy eating, unicorn loving, acting like a 9 year old child, emotional turmoil, needing to suck the “teet” from her Mommas bossum for the rest of her life having peasant.

    I wish Paul would see that and leave her in the windowless hut she came from. Cut ties. Send child support. Life goes on without misery.

  33. Yes, I agree! I think Karine is a self-centered, lazy bitch! She needs to give Paul credit for everything good he’s done for her- like getting her out of the shit hole in Brazil she lived in. He’s done everything he possibly can for her & Pierre with what little means he has! She just has no patience & always wants her way. I think she has been cheating on him, basically via her cell phone, truth be told. She just thought she’d come to the US & live the American dream without any work on her part. GROW UP KARINE- you’re not royalty! 😒😤

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