90 Day Fiance: Sophie Sierra Battles Sore Throat and Doubts About Marrying Rob

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Sierra Battles Sore Throat and Doubts About Marrying Rob

Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne are getting married on 90 Day Fiance this week, but they are having a rough start. Leading up to the wedding, Sophie and Rob have faced challenges. Now, on their big day, another issue has come up.

In a preview for tonight’s episode, Sophie wakes up feeling sick with a cough and sore throat.

Rob Warne greets Sophie Sierra before they prepare for the wedding separately to keep it traditional. While Sophie gets ready in her hotel bathroom, her mom and friend, Soraya, arrive and find out she’s unwell.

Sophie tells her mom she’s excited but frustrated that she can’t talk properly due to a sore throat.

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Sierra Wakes Up Sick on Her Big Day – Cold Feet or Warning Sign?

Sophie Sierra feels awful on her wedding day. She woke up with a sore throat. Sophie admits she wanted to feel great on her big day. She thinks her body is trying to warn her.

Sophie tries to stay positive. She wonders if being sick is a sign not to marry Rob. She is almost certain it is a sign, so she will listen to it.

TLC posted the clip on Instagram. It shows Sophie waking up sick on her wedding day. The caption asks if her body is warning her. Viewers can watch the show to find out.

After watching the clip, viewers and cast members shared their thoughts on Sophie and Rob. Many thought Sophie being sick was a big sign to end things.

90 Day Fiance: Statler Riley Warns Sophie Against Marrying Rob

Statler Riley, a former participant on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, advised Sophie Sierra to trust her instincts and avoid marrying Rob Warne.

Statler wrote in the comments that both Ashley and Sophie were not paying attention to clear signs from the universe. Viewers of 90 Day Fiance also shared similar concerns.

One viewer called Rob boring and said they would feel uneasy in Sophie’s situation. Another Instagram user was worried about Rob’s lack of enthusiasm about marrying Sophie.

Someone else questioned why Sophie was overlooking so many warning signs.

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