90 Day Fiance’s Angela Deem on Weight Loss, Plastic Surgery Plans

90 Day Fiance's Angela Deem on Weight Loss, Plastic Surgery Plans

Following in Larissa Lima’s footsteps, Angela Deem has worked a lot on her body. The Botox fillers have already smoothed out her wrinkles and given her face a graceful look. But in her post-surgery pictures her chest looks smaller and this has sparked another rumor.

90 Day Fiance’s Angela Deem on Weight Loss, Plastic Surgery Plans

Despite Michael Ilesanmi’s displeasure, Angela Deem had been adamant about getting her weight loss surgery. When he objected, she told him that she didn’t like the extra pounds the kids eat today. The only thing Angela Deem is known for, besides her aggression and mood swings, is that she carries objects in her upper body. In fact, Michael Ilesanmi has even asked her to cover herself before she goes outside.

Michael Ilesanmi thinks her bride is perfect as she is, but Angela Deem is all for a positive change in appearance. Most viewers have noticed that her chest looked different in the recent episode of Pillow Talk.

It seems that she may not have the space to keep her personal items in her chest. Considering how passionate she was about weight loss, it will come as no surprise that she underwent a breast reduction, as SoapDirt said. She has been striving for a massive makeover. It makes sense that she consulted experts to work on her overall body proportion.

On Strikes Back we see Angela Deem responding to what 90 Day Fiance fans had to say about her. The couple had a lot of ups and downs in their journey. Initially Michael Ilesanmi’s K1 visa was denied.

Earlier, Angela Deem told him that if that happened, she would leave him. But eventually she came back to Nigeria and married him to strengthen their chances of bringing him to America. All she wants now is to look beautiful and start a new life in America with a Nigerian man.

Written by Evelyn Foster



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