Alaskan Bush People: Show’s Future In Question

Alaskan Bush People: Show’s Future In Question

Last week Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown ended the season with some bad news about his health that worried fans. Of course, the first thing that caused the fans’ concern was Billy himself.

His prognosis was sad, he will not recover from that. But some Alaskan Bush People also thought that this diagnosis could mean the end of the Discovery Channel show.

Billy told his children at the end of the season his diagnosis of a serious illness. He also said there’s nothing doctors can do to treat it. Ami Brown told their children of the Alaskan Bush People that their father will not get better.

Billy Brown Drops Bombshell

This surprised and somewhat shocked fans of the Alaskan Bush People once they discovered the recent developments in Billy’s health. Especially since Discover Channel waited to reveal it to fans in the very last episode of the season.

With Billy Brown’s prognosis so sad, will the family return for another season? That’s the question on social media today.

While nothing official came out of Discovery Channel about the show’s cancellation or renewal, some clues popped up in real time. Don’t forget that the Alaskan Bush People episodes you just saw were shot last year. So the family has been hiding Billy’s illness for some time.

Alaskan Bush People: Show’s Future In Question

For over a decade Billy has been fighting diseases, including lung problems. Followers of the Alaskan Bush People have seen Billy Brown fight a health crisis a couple of times.

But now Billy Brown discovers that his heart is working at a reduced capacity, which has caused inflammation of other organs with problems. So, the head of the Alaskan Bush People family struggles to do things that used to be easy for him.

The cancellation due to Billy’s illness would not surprise many viewers. But it would sadden some of the diehard fans of Alaskan Bush People

They suggest that a traditional house would make it more comfortable. But Billy doesn’t think that would prolong his life. He feels that if he had the chance to live comfortably he should be on the mountain, surrounded by his Alaskan Bush People tribe.

Billy Brown asked his two married sons to build a big house where he and Ami could live. But he also wants this big house to have two other sections. One for each of the children and their new little one…

Noah Brown and Gabe Brown have agreed to give up building their individual houses on the mountain. Now they plan to build the house that Billy Brown wants and move into the house with their families.

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