Alaskan Bush People: Show’s Future In Question

Alaskan Bush People: Show’s Future In Question

Last week Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown ended the season with some bad news about his health that worried fans. Of course, the first thing that caused the fans’ concern was Billy himself.

His prognosis was sad, he will not recover from that. But some Alaskan Bush People also thought that this diagnosis could mean the end of the Discovery Channel show.

Billy told his children at the end of the season his diagnosis of a serious illness. He also said there’s nothing doctors can do to treat it. Ami Brown told their children of the Alaskan Bush People that their father will not get better.

Billy Brown Drops Bombshell

This surprised and somewhat shocked fans of the Alaskan Bush People once they discovered the recent developments in Billy’s health. Especially since Discover Channel waited to reveal it to fans in the very last episode of the season.

With Billy Brown’s prognosis so sad, will the family return for another season? That’s the question on social media today.

While nothing official came out of Discovery Channel about the show’s cancellation or renewal, some clues popped up in real time. Don’t forget that the Alaskan Bush People episodes you just saw were shot last year. So the family has been hiding Billy’s illness for some time.

Alaskan Bush People: Show’s Future In Question

For over a decade Billy has been fighting diseases, including lung problems. Followers of the Alaskan Bush People have seen Billy Brown fight a health crisis a couple of times.

But now Billy Brown discovers that his heart is working at a reduced capacity, which has caused inflammation of other organs with problems. So, the head of the Alaskan Bush People family struggles to do things that used to be easy for him.

The cancellation due to Billy Brown’s illness would not surprise many viewers. But it would sadden some of the diehard fans of Alaskan Bush People

They suggest that a traditional house would make it more comfortable. But Billy doesn’t think that would prolong his life. He feels that if he had the chance to live comfortably he should be on the mountain, surrounded by his Alaskan Bush People tribe.

Billy Brown asked his two married sons to build a big house where he and Ami could live. But he also wants this big house to have two other sections. One for each of the children and their new little one…

Noah Brown and Gabe Brown have agreed to give up building their individual houses on the mountain. Now they plan to build the house that Billy Brown wants and move into the house with their families.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. I’m sure going to miss them if they leave us that show is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched I get a kick out of watching the kids growing up building stuff just learning as they go, I feel so sad for their father and all my prayers go out to him and his family. God Bless 🙏

  2. May God bless you and your family…. I ❤ this show. I waa so happy when Ami got a clean bill of health I love the way they LOVE each other they are a special clan. I hope and pray Billy Brown comes thru this also. My prayers are with you ALL

  3. David weather u like the show or fill it’s fake is no excuse to give such harsh comments an have no sympathy for anyone. Every television show fiction, reality all have some made or as u put it fake parts that is why its call entertainment. I’m sure even in your own daily life part of yours is fake or r u the only honest human walking around I dont think so look at your own house before judging others. Your the one that is sad.

  4. Its not over Billy till God says its over ,to many people just take for what the Doctors say is the way it is , I serve a God that nothing is to hard for him to do as it says in his word in Genesis and in Jeremiah ,lets get back to our faith believeing what we ask for will happen .

  5. The #1 most fake show ever. These people are not true Alaskans. This is all for show. I’d like to know how the mother was cured of Stage 4 lung cancer. Everyone I know who’s had it, died. I won’t miss these weird people.

  6. So, he wants his two sons Noah and Gabe to abandon building their own homes to build him and mama Ami a new big home….with a separate section for all their children. Their (ADULT) children have basically shelved their own lives to build daddy Billy’s newest dream, his big ranch complex. And Ami and her grandbabies, boy it’s good the kiddos are delivering them, she’s been on about those for years. Basically those soon-to-be middle age kids of theirs are guilt ridden into keepin’ close to mom and pops until time indefinite.

  7. I think billy should cut off that mastache And leave the kids along , they have made money and fame but I think they all have mental health issues. All of them, let them be free

  8. What a train wreck! The show is definitely fake. Whats going on with Matt Brown? Is he still smoking crack? Houw does crack find it’s way to the mountain? What about the real FREAK of the show, Bear Brown? How can you not wonder is they are inbred?
    I hope the show cancels and the weirdo’s have to get real jobs!

  9. Whether the show is fact or fiction, its clean family entertainment, unlike alot of these shows about death row, homicides, human trafficking, crime dramas etc. We watch as a family(rich or poor) build a self sustaining homestead for a entire family. This show let’s folks see that family unity still exists in a world where alot of families cant even be in the same room with one another. As far as Ami’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis, its is very possible to beat it. I DID TWICE. Yes ots obvious they have money. So what. Your gonna hate on them for it. I applaud them for spending the bulk of their earnings on the life they have chosen to build. Please keep them on t.v. In today’s violent and non family value line up of shows, in my opinion, truth or not it’s a entertaining show and shows what can be accomplished when nothing or nobody can divide a family unit.

  10. Please takes the Alaskan Fakes off tv ! They are phony & truly disgusting ! Bunch of tool bags that are definitely hiding from something!

  11. I love the show but Billy brown is lazy! I’ve never seen him or his wife EVER do anything. It’s always the kids doing the work. This is probably just another way for him to get his kids to build him and his wife a new house. I agree with the person that said he needs his beard and moustache trimmed.

  12. Try a pacemaker and difibulator. My Mom has had them for 18 years and is doing fine. She actually died and was brought back to low heart infractions, so maybe it is possible.

  13. The show had completely lost its way, it no longer has anything to do with Alaska let alone bush people. To be frank, it’s an almighty fake and a farce and should be binned by Discovery. Youngest son Bear Brown’s recent conduct exposed on Instagram by his former girlfriend will undoubtedly signal the end regardless.

  14. My heart and prayers go out to the Bush clan. You are an inspiring family and I love your show!

    Don’t ever pay attention to the negative comments people leave. Let them try and spend a week in your shoes. Every family has hardships, whether your wealthy or poor, in good health or bad. They have no right to judge you so harshly. Let them imagine their lifes being exposed to every minute of how they live. No one person is perfect and the Bush clan never claimed to be. They just try to do something good in this world. Do you really think the cast of “Leave it to Beaver” had perfect life styles?! The Brady Bunch? The Bush clan just tries to demonstrate a way of loving they wish they could have, just like any other family show tries. No one is perfect and I wish them well. Each and every one of them! They only ever try to show that they ‘try” to good. They have dreams and they just want to show us how it might be like to try and live them. What the heck is wrong with that! I wish people would stop being so sickly judgemental, filled with so much hate and evil thoughts.

  15. I’m so sorry to hear they may not come back on & about Billy’s illness. I was so disappointed to find out this was fake
    But I was really looking forward to Matt & his wife or girlfriend coming back next year
    I wish all of them a happy & healthy life

    Love you

  16. Well I hope this show doesn’t end I love it and all of the family I have watched it from the beginning. I miss Matt wish he would come back and be with his family they need each other right now. I will keep on sending Prayers your way . I don’t care what those haters say about the show if they hate it that much why are they still watching dumb people.

  17. strictly eyeball entertainment. Basically 80% fake but watchable if u keep that in mind. Building a nice place,like to c them finish. I wonder how much of the building they actually do themselves.

  18. Am really going to miss that show no matter what no one say billy children are good kids they have manners and that is something a whole lot of people dont teach their children so billy and ami i wish u all the best and remember the good lord have the last say god bless

  19. Say what you will about the show, but it is not possible to fake the depth of true love these people have for each other and to fake such a consistent love for God. Principles of love and true compassion are obvious. Those who think it is fake are sad deprived people who have not known such nurture in their own luves.

    And yes, God DOES still perform miracles which is what Ami’s survival has shown the world. Those of you who criticize this unique family should turn your gaze inward and deal with your own hate and prejudice. In the days of the American Indian set in wilderness, tribal culture was the norm. This is not so strange if you consider that.

    May God bless this family that has been such a joy for millions to watch. I hope the show can continue.

  20. As a person whose real family moved to Alaska in the 40s & 50s without all this drama & overcame much more difficult problems, I have no use for this pampered bunch who actually live in North Central Washing t on s t a te. This show is all fake & the f a Emily make s a very comfortable living being fakes.

  21. It seems as so Bear is having some big problems. Doing drugs and acting crazy according to his now ex-Fiancé. It always seemed like he was a little off in the head. Hope for his baby’s sake he straightens his act up.

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