Counting On: Jinger unveils shorter haircut

Counting On: Jinger unveils shorter haircut

Jinger Duggar debuted another new look on February 3 – his hair was blonder and shorter. A short while ago, Jill Duggar posted photos after cutting more than three feet of hair, and fans loved her. It’s not clear if Jill inspired her sister, but Duggar decided to do the same thing. Duggar’s hair color looked even bleached. Looks like he’s really absorbing the California lifestyle.

Many fans loved Duggar’s new look, suggesting that he looks radiant and happy in the life he now lives. But not everyone feels like Duggar is expressing his true self.

Although many fans love Jinger Duggar’s new hair, some think it tells a deeper story. A Counting On Reddit page allows users following the show to talk (often in a negative way) about the family. And some think that behind Duggar’s blonde locks of hair is Vuolo.

Some think Vuolo is a “blonde fan”, and since he once made comments about moving away from his wife, fans have put together the idea that Duggar dresses and looks like a certain way to appease his husband. This was not confirmed, although there was some discussion that Duggar women do not have much freedom in their marriages. Although there is a deeper meaning in Duggar’s gaze, it would be impossible to know the truth.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. Why is this author referring to Jinger as a “he” throughout the whole first paragraph? I think it was an insult and not just typos. Geez I’m surprised he still has a job.

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