Counting On: Josh and Anna Duggar sold their farmhouse for a tidy profit in 2019

Counting On: Josh and Anna Duggar sold their farmhouse for a tidy profit in 2019

Some of the Duggar kids may all be adult now with their own family, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve flown far from the nest. In fact, only one Duggar has left Arkansas state so far, and some of the Duggar kids are still living in the family grounds. In recent months, there has been a big debate over which outbuilding Josh and Anna have been calling Duggar home since they sold their farm and moved back to Duggar-owned land. Do they live in a guesthouse or do they actually live in a windowless shed on the property? There is some evidence to suggest that the warehouse theory holds water.

Counting On: Josh and Anna Duggar sold their farmhouse for a tidy profit in 2019

Josh and Anna bought a foreclosure back in 2016 for only $55,000, according to Radar Online. The five-bedroom house was big enough for their growing family and would probably have been big enough to house a few more children. In 2019, however, the couple decided to sell the property.

It took a few months, but eventually the house was sold for $285,000, which was only $15,000 below their asking price. Even with renovations, the couple walked away with a cool profit. When news of the real estate movement hit the mainstream media, publications were quick to suspect that the troubled couple was headed for divorce. However, that didn’t happen; instead, they welcomed their sixth child together.

Counting On: Josh and Anna haven’t moved into a new home yet

Although the sale of the house took place far back in the summer of 2019, the couple did not establish roots in a new house. Instead, they moved back to the house of the Duggar family. With acres of land at their disposal, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have enough space to house their extended family, in fact, that was Jim Bob’s dream when he was building the house. Even with plenty of space, fans wonder why the eldest Duggar son lives on the property and where exactly on the property he lays his head.

Do Jim Bob and Michelle want to keep Josh around so they can keep an eye on him? Since his scandals in 2015, the Josh couple have been keeping a close eye on him, among other things by banning him from using social media. Another option is to punish Josh and his wife for a recent series of family problems, hence their rumoured current set-up.

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