Days Of Our Lives: Kristen’s Bargaining Chip

Days Of Our Lives: Kristen’s Bargaining Chip

Days of Our Lives rumors suggest that Rex Brady is on his way back to Salem. Rex is probably controlling Sarah Horton. Much to Rex’s surprise, he is likely to learn that Sarah has allegedly left town with him. Will Rex and Xander Kiriakis join forces to find Sarah?

Days of Our Lives Sarah broke off her engagement to Xander Kiriakis. Sarah told Xander she was leaving town with Rex. Rex Brady, however, has no idea what happened to Sarah. Neither of them knows that Sarah has been missing for months. Nor do they know that Kristen Dimera was pretending to be Sarah and wearing a mask at the time.

As much as Xander and Rex hate each other, the two of them need to talk to realise that Sarah is in trouble. But can the two work together to find Sarah?

Days of Our Lives Rex Brady is worried about Sarah. Sarah came on to Rex after her breakup with Xander Kiriakis, but then disappeared. Rex left town, not knowing that Sarah wouldn’t return to Xander Kiriakis. Rex has been in love with Sarah for years.

But Rex Brady cheated on Sarah and she wanted nothing more to do with him. Sarah acted very strangely the last time Rex saw her, especially after he didn’t leave town with her. Rex Brady still cares about Sarah and it’s only natural that he wants to control her. Rex probably accuses Xander Kiriakis of having done something to Sarah. Will they compare notes and eventually find that Kristen Dimera is behind it all?

Days Of Our Lives: Kristen’s Bargaining Chip

Days of Our Lives Kristen Dimera has just one trading tool left to get herself out of trouble. Kristen has broken out of prison, kidnapping both Sarah and Kate Dimmer. Kristen has turned Brady Black completely against her. Sarah is the only bargaining chip Kristen has left.

Will Kristen tell Xander Kiriakis and Rex Brady where to find Sarah? Will Xander and Rex make it to Dimera Island to save Sarah’s life on the deserted island? Will Rex and Xander continue their affection for Sarah after she is rescued? Sarah was in love with Xander when she was kidnapped. But now that Sarah has been missing for so long, is she resentful of Xander? Does Sarah blame Xander for kidnapping her and taking her to the island. After all, Xander is the one who used to work with Kristen.

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