Days Of Our Lives: EJ Suspicious

Days Of Our Lives: EJ Suspicious

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Nicole Walker Brady is making a serious threat to Sami DiMera . This happens after Eric Brady runs out of the anniversary party when Nicole’s deception is revealed. Nicole’s words make EJ DiMera wonder if Sam has a secret, too.

DOOL spoilers reveal that Sam was invited to Eric and Nicole’s anniversary party. Nicole would have preferred that her enemy not be there.

However, Sami is Eric’s twin sister and even though she knows they don’t get along, Nicole didn’t want to cause any tension with Eric’s housewarming party. Apparently, she didn’t imagine that Sami would actually pay someone a million dollars to reveal her secret at the party. But that’s exactly what Sami did.

During the party, EJ DiMera couldn’t help but notice that Sami kept looking at her watch. He covered up and EJ DiMera bought his apology.

When Xander Cook crashes the party, Eric asks Nicole if her claims are true. She admits they are and before he can explain, Eric runs out. Before chasing after her husband, Nicole goes to Sam and gives him a warning.

She tells Sam that he just put one foot in the grave. Of course, EJ DiMera is standing next to Sam during this conversation.

Days Of Our Lives: EJ Suspicious

DOOL spoilers reveal that Nicole won’t reveal Sam’s betrayal at this time simply because she doesn’t have time. She wants to catch Eric before he leaves for good. “The ‘grave’ comment, however, is enough to get EJ thinking about his wife. He begins to suspect and begins to wonder if Sam has a secret of his own. He starts to piece together the suspicious behavior, the sneaking out of bed, as well as the stringing up of Kristen DiMera.

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