Days of our Lives : EJ DiMera Confronts Sami

Days of our Lives : EJ DiMera Confronts Sami

Days of our Lives spoilers anticipate that the narrative will be red-hot when the NBC soap returns to the air after a two-week hiatus for Olympic programming. The week of August 9-13, fans can expect EJ DiMera to put the screws to Sami Brady, Ava Vitali to tear Nicole Walker and Rafe Hernandez apart, and the girls of Sweet Bits to go wild!

Red Hot spoilers say Ava is distressed to see her best friend Nicole Walker getting too close to her man Rafe. Ava is a volcano on a good day and it’s not a good day for anyone. Ava has tried to push away her doubts about the trio’s connection, but she can’t deny the bond Rafe has with the trash man.

Will Ava Vitali go crazy again like she did with Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols)? He tried to kill Kayla Brady, so we’ll just have to wait and see how well he’s done at anger management in the intervening years.

Sweet Bits Bakery is happening, y’all. Salem gets so sugary when Chanel Dupree and BFF Allie Horton open their own bakery.

But how will working in close proximity affect Allie’s developing relationship with Tripp Dalton Johnson?There’s a spoiler on the horizon and his name is Johnny DiMera, Allie’s brother. Wait until the hottie learns that Mrs. Thing is working with her sister. Explosive series spoilers reveal that Allie revisits her feelings for Chanel when she sees her brother making moves on her best friend.

Days of our Lives : EJ DiMera Confronts Sami

EJ DiMera knows his wife Sami Brady has been sleeping with her ex-husband Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) and he is furious. Add to that the fact that Lucas once tried to kill EJ, and you get an idea of how angry EJ gets.

But will the shy man play Sam before exposing him? He might toy with his woman to see how far he can push her before she breaks – maybe Sam has finally met his match, Days of our Lives fans!

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