Days of Our Lives: Xander Cook’s Day Goes Sour

Days of Our Lives: Xander Cook’s Day Goes Sour

Days of Our Lives Spoilers are all set for another fun and adventurous week, and we’ve got the weekly spoiler treats to prove it.

Of course, yet another wedding, or any party for that matter, in Salem is bound to fail and we’re curious to see if this trend will continue or if things will go smoothly and we’ll have a new couple in town.

Somehow Ciara Brady gets a divorce or finds an opportunity as she plans to bribe her way into marrying one of the few people below Xander, Theo Carver. So Ben Weston does the only thing he can do, and that’s embrace the Salem tradition of mixing weddings. And he gets himself a partner in Claire Brady.

DOOL spoilers think it’s going to be an entertaining angle this week because half the town, including Theo’s father Abe Carver , thinks they should slow down. Of course, Theo won’t listen to this because his priority is not trying to help recover a memory so he can marry her.

And no one ever points this out except that he’s concerned about his own happiness, not Ciara’s well-being.We have plenty of popcorn ready for that.

Days of Our Lives: Xander Cook’s Day Goes Sour

You’d think Xander Cook’s day couldn’t get any worse, but he continues his string of really bad decisions and twists a knife a little too hard into Eric Brady’s heart, for which he gets a real fist bump. Then, to put the perfect end to things, Brady Black fires her. Xander Cook has to hope Sami didn’t pull a fast one with the suitcase and the money, or he’s in real trouble.

The one good thing for him is that Sami gets hers, so if he double-crossed her, she’ll pay for it.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.

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