DOOL: Sami Tempts Xander

DOOL: Sami Tempts Xander

DOOL spoilers reveal that secrets will be revealed at a celebratory party.. It’s likely to be the anniversary party for Eric Brady and Nicole Walker Brady. Let’s assume Sami DiMera picks the worst possible time to reveal Nicole’s betrayal. When she does, Nicole will likely retaliate by exposing Sami’s betrayal.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Eric Brady will be returning to Salem the week of July 12. Nicole has waited almost a year to enjoy life as a newlywed. True, she encouraged Eric to heed God’s call and go to the Congo to serve the villagers.

However, she only promised to be away for three months. Every time Nicole prepares to come home to Eric Brady, he calls to tell her that he has signed up for three more months. Eventually, the “Ericole” get back together and act like a married couple.

It is confirmed that an anniversary party is planned for Eric and Nicole next week. There will be lots of guests including Sami, EJ DiMera and Belle Brady to name a few. It is hinted that secrets will be revealed during the party, which we assume must be an anniversary party.

DOOL: Sami Tempts Xander

DOOL spoilers reveal that Sami is trying to woo Xander Cook with an offer. She’s probably blackmailing him into giving her confirmation or even proof that he slept with Nicole. Xander Cook has given Nicole clues about “Lumi” and has been burned by Sami and EJ before. However, he might just accept it if he gets a reward up front and if it’s a nice sized amount.

Besides, it’s hard for Xander Cook to turn down the chance to get under Eric’s skin. The two men are sworn enemies and Xander Cook changes every time he thinks about telling Eric that he took his wife to bed.

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