Debbie Aguero Updates 90 Day Fiance Fans on Relationship Status with Oussama Berber

Debbie Aguero Updates 90 Day Fiance Fans on Relationship Status with Oussama Berber

A whirlwind of a romantic saga, Debbie Aguero’s relationship with Oussama Berber had been a hot topic on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. However, their tumultuous love story came to an end, leaving fans to wonder, did they ever rekindle their romance? In a recent reunion special, Debbie spilled the beans about their current status.

Debbie Aguero made it clear that the love story with Oussama Berber is over, albeit his numerous attempts to win her back. Despite his relentless apologies and romantic poetry, Debbie has remained firm on her decision not to rekindle the romance. She elucidated that their relationship is now purely platonic and emphasized they are not back together.

90 Day Fiance: Plans for Oussama and His Family

Although Debbie Aguero has been resolute on ending her romantic relationship with Oussama, she plans to stay connected with him and his family. She harbors intentions to do “some good things” for them. One of her concerns includes a lack of railing in Oussama’s parents’ home, making them susceptible to falls. Her goodwill extends to plans for buying them a railing, ensuring their safety.

Her generosity doesn’t stop at that. Debbie also intends to help Oussama get his teeth fixed, believing that a new smile could uplift his spirits. Despite the past hurts, she wants to see him do better, manifesting her compassionate nature.

90 Day Fiance: Back to America

Debbie firmly believes that her dramatic ordeal on the show was destined to happen. She now sees herself more needed back home in America than in Morocco. No doubt, her children share the sentiment and are glad to have their mother back in the States.

Debbie Aguero may not plan on bringing Oussama Berber to America, but she’s open to welcoming another member of his family. She expressed a keen interest in Oussama’s sister, Asmaa. Debbie believes Asmaa could be a valuable addition to her creative arts therapy center. Through her actions, she aims to uplift and empower good people, contributing positively to their lives.

While the romantic saga between Debbie and Oussama might be over, Debbie continues to display a heart of gold. She may be single, but her compassionate deeds prove that she has a lot of love to give, just not to Oussama.

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