MBFFL: Whitney Thore Deals with Dating Drama

MBFFL: Whitney Thore Deals with Dating Drama

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Thore said she sometimes has delusions with fans. And the worst part is that they think they are trying to help her.

Whitney of MBFFL said she often gets delusional messages. She gets some good ones, but a lot of the people who watch TLC are trying to “help.” She told of one fan who told her she should learn to wear a bra. MBFFL star Whitney said the person told her she was “disgusting.” She then went on to say that she wanted to help Whitney. Whitney told the fan that she needed to go fuck herself.

The fan said that she even bought her book. In fact, it seemed like that gave her license to talk to the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star. But Whitney snapped back at her and asked, “Are you well?

MBFFL: Whitney Thore Deals with Dating Drama

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Thore said the dating world was scary. She was afraid to meet people close to her, so she started looking for men in Paris. But soon she was in tears because of some horrible comments. Whitney said that one of the men called her a wildebeest. And that most of the people on the apps would not give her a second chance because of her size. She said it was hard to get back out there with people like that around.

Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life said Whitney is amazing and beautiful. They encouraged her to give it another shot and find someone who deserves it. But Whitney didn’t seem hopeful when it came to her love life.

Whitney said she didn’t do much during the pandemic. But that was partly because she was in Charlotte without her friends. Now that she’s back in Greensboro, she’s able to see some of the friends she likes to be around. My Big Fat Fabulous Life is also building her No BS Active brand. She is working with Jessica Powell and said she is much happier now. They are safe, but Whitney is working out and having fun.

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