MBFFL: Whitney Way Thore Wants A Man Who Feels Lucky To Have Her

MBFFL: Whitney Way Thore Wants A Man Who Feels Lucky To Have Her

Whitney cries buckets thinking about her past. In the preview of the December 8th episode, Whitney Way Thore wonders if it would have been different if she looked different! My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has had a hard time with her ex-fiancé’s infidelity. The current season plays out everything she had to go through. It’s clear it’s not going to work out for Whitney Thore.

MBFFL: Whitney Way Thore Wants A Man Who Feels Lucky To Have Her

In the sneak peek for the last episode we see Whitney Thore looking back on her grim past. In this process she happens to think about her body. She wonders if things would have been different if only she looked different. In the video clip we see Whitney Thore talking to her best friend, Buddy Bells. She breaks into tears as she explains how she would want a man who feels happy to have her. She also adds how she is used to being judged. But when she is in a relationship, her husband is also being judged.

As seen in EOnline’s exclusive, Whitney continues to bare her heart in the confessional. She probably shares that, her weight just happens to be the reason for her short-lived relationships. As she reflects on all of her past relationships, Whitney Thore realizes that she is an exception to the kind of woman a man would want to date. In fact, being with her in public isn’t easy, she adds.

In the same episode we meet Whitney who tells about her relationship with her former fiancé Chase Severino. She begins by saying that Severino begged her to meet him after staying home for a few weeks. However, Whitney Thore refused because she was in quarantine with her mother and Severino was still working in construction. When she didn’t give in to his demands, he cried and told the whole story over the phone.

Severino revealed that she was sleeping with another woman and got her pregnant. He would become a father in October. This clearly shocked Whitney Thore, who later told PEOPLE that this was difficult. She had a very hard time with the pain and dealing with her life.

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