MBFFL Star Whitney Thore And Her Mystery French Boyfriend

MBFFL Star Whitney Thore And Her Mystery French Boyfriend

My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers reveal that Whitney Thore is happy to show off her new man to fans, but she’s still trying to protect him from the show. Not everyone wants to be on a reality TV show and it seems her special man isn’t sure he’s ready for all the fame just yet. Whitney Thore is here to protect him and make sure he stays off social media until he’s ready.

MBFFL Star Whitney Thore And Her Mystery French Boyfriend

Whitney Thore’s new man lives in Paris and they met when Whitney decided to take French lessons during the pandemic. She started talking to him and they bonded very well.

Now they are dating and she has spent some time in France with him and that will also be featured on the show.

When asked about her new man, Whitney Thore told fans, “I feel great that he’s protected from the kinds of things that Chase had to go through. That makes me feel good.” Whitney told her fans that she cuts her new man out of her photos because she doesn’t want him to have to go through the same things Chase Severino went through when they were engaged.

Whitney Thore has made comments about how she thinks some of her fans might see her new man as embarrassing and that’s why she doesn’t want to show her face. She knows how he feels about her and she is doing what she can to protect him from the fame, which she may not be quite ready for.

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