MBFFL: Whitney Drops Significant Weight

MBFFL: Whitney Drops Significant Weight

MBFFL star Whitney Thore has been battling her weight for years. She attributes her huge weight gain to PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). In fact, this syndrome typically results in weight gain and also difficulty losing weight.

Whitney Thore has embraced her big girl status and built her “brand” around it. However, just this season, we saw her contemplating undergoing weight loss surgery.

This was in the wake of the news that her boyfriend Chase Severino, of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, had cheated on her and was expecting a baby from the other woman.

Whitney Thore suddenly found herself single and wondering if she had a better chance of finding a man and becoming a mother if she had gastric bypass surgery. New clues are emerging that indicate Whitney may soon have bariatric surgery. Here are the latest clues pointing to Whitney Thore’s upcoming surgery.

MBFFL: Whitney Drops Significant Weight

MBFFL celeb Whitney Thore said in her hit TLC reality show that her life would definitely be easier if she were thinner. She sought answers during a consultation with a bariatric doctor. She then laid out her potential plans to family and friends. Of course, Whitney cited no health reasons for wanting to lose weight. So, of course, her friends were not very supportive.

However, prior to the taping of the My Big Fat Fabulous Life reunion special, it emerged that Whitney has lost 70 pounds since she and Chase Severino ended their engagement. This was about a month after the quarantine lockout.

So Whitney Thore probably also gained several pounds earlier. Since bariatric patients typically have to lose 10 to 15 percent of their body weight before getting approved for the procedure, many fans and followers believe Whitney’s large weight loss was not due to the pain of her breakup but rather preparation for her surgical weight loss procedure.

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