OutDaughtered: Hazel Fights for Her Health.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Fights for Her Health.

Hazel Busby of OutDaughtered was the third quint born and the smallest quint of all at just two pounds. She is also the only redhead and the only quint to have such a serious medical problem. Hazel Busby has what is known as Nystagmus, which is a serious eye condition. Danielle Busby said they didn’t even know about Nystagmus before Hazel Busby was diagnosed. And that they wanted more people to learn about this problem and be aware of it.

In fact, they wanted everyone to know that the condition that causes her eyes to waver has no cure.

The OutDaughtered family can only work to treat the symptoms of the condition, as there is no cure. It’s unclear what impact it will have on her later in life. But the family is doing everything they can to make sure Hazel Busby has the best quality of life possible.

Hazel Busby of OutDaughtered has to go to the eye doctor more than her sibling because she has this condition. Adam Busby and his wife Danielle thought they would have to have another surgery. They talked to her doctor remotely during the pandemic to get an update.

Now that Hazel is old enough to know what’s going on, they were worried she would get scared. So far, Hazel Busby seems to enjoy her doctor visits. This is especially true because she was too young to remember the pain of the surgery.

At Hazel’s last eye appointment, she got good news. OutDaughtered mom, Danielle, accompanied her and told her she just needed to update her prescription for glasses. Fans say Hazel Busby looks adorable in her glasses, and they’re glad she doesn’t have to worry about another surgery right now.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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