OutDaughtered: Hazel Visits The Doctor Again

OutDaughtered: Hazel Visits The Doctor Again

In the summer Hazel Busby visited the ophthalmologist with both her OutDaughtered parents. It was just an ordinary appointment. Then she saw her ophthalmologist the next month.

So immediately, the fans assumed that little Hazel would undoubtedly need another eye operation. Fortunately, that appointment went better than expected. Hazel got an adjusted prescription for new lenses for her glasses.

Now, this week Adam announced that Hazel was seeing her doctor again. This last appointment surprised OutDaughtered fans.

The last update seemed like everything was on schedule. She just needed an adjustment in the strength of the lenses. This time only Danielle went with Hazel. Fans were waiting for news or updates. But Adam Busby avoided most of the questions.

The OutDaughtered family all travelled with Hazel for her follow-up appointment. While Danielle Busby took Hazel Busby to the doctor, Adam Busby entertained the other five girls. Luckily Austin has a lot of fun things to do for the family. Adam Busby took Blayke Busby and four other quints to a beautiful park. They enjoyed the outdoors and the trees that change color. Sure, a nice distraction while Hazel was away on her follow-up appointment.

This is a common tactic of OutDaughtered’s Danielle Busby and her husband Adam Busby. Having all six children is overwhelming, especially when running tasks such as tending to doctor’s visits. Now that Blayke is getting older, she proved to be a huge asset to both parents helping with her younger siblings. According to their father, all the girls were pumped to some autumn leaves.

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