Sister Wives: Christine Admits Details

Sister Wives: Christine Admits Details

All Sister Wives viewers are aware of all the rumors and unease that has been going on between the Browns over the past few seasons, and now those cracks seem to be much more visible than anyone thought.

Recently, Christine admitted what’s going on with the family and how it’s becoming too hard for them to deal with everything.

Sister Wives: Christine Admits Details

Christine Brown recently admitted that her marriage to Sister Wives star Kody Brown has become too hard for her, via The Sun. She says the man wants all four of his wives under one roof. In a clip for the new upcoming season of the TLC show, Sister Wives, Kody Brown says they’re all one family, and they all need to be in one house. But this is a move that doesn’t sit well with Christine Brown.

Speaking on camera, Christine Brown says it’s too hard. Then Kody Brown also admits that both Meri and Christine Brown are mad at him for this. Kody Brown and his wives came from Utah in 2011 to escape the state’s strict anti-polygamy laws.

The family came to Nevada. While some wives have attributed the cause of the tension in their marriage to Kody. In Nevada, each wife lived in her own home. This added a sense of division to the unit.

All of Kody Brown’s wives have been pretty explicit about how hard it is for all of them to be together. Robyn Brown, who is 42, addressed the pink elephant in the room when Sister Wives debuted.

Then over dinner, Janelle, 51, revealed how she feels about the family issues that have recently surfaced. She admitted that she realizes that she thinks their family has started to feel very different since they moved to Las Vegas and have been more separated.

Robyn Brown then stepped in and said that she would like to address the pink elephant that she thinks is in the room. She went on to say that if everyone thought all the problems were happening because of her arrival in the family? Janelle then denied Robyn Brown’s concerns and repeatedly said no. Christine Brown also stepped in to add that she is sorry if Robyn Brown thinks there is a pink elephant in the room.

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