’Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Is Loving Her New Life In Utah

’Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Is Loving Her New Life In Utah

Christine Brown has been making moves since she left her husband. The Sister Wives reality star has worked hard enough to get where she is. The 50-year-old is reaching more and more for her dreams.

Fans think the celebrity is ready to take over the world. So among her accomplishments, she has achieved one more thing. So tune in to find out which of Christine’s dreams have come true.

’Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Is Loving Her New Life In Utah

After leaving her husband and her life in Flagstaff, Christine Brown had to start all over again. Therefore, after the divorce, she moved to Utah. Sister Wives fans noticed how excited Christine was when she visited Utah. This was because most of the children lived here.

Meanwhile, the mother of six children is the main janitor of the house. Because of this, she is very close to all the children, including Janelle’s children. Thus, there is no doubt that she wants to be with the love of her life. Moreover, living independently has given Christine a sense of freedom that she never had with Kody Brown.

Fortunately, when Christine landed on a cooking program, she began to devote more time to children. Therefore, speaking of free time, the reality star took to Tik-Tok to share her dream come true. The ex-wife shared a video of her together with Truely and her granddaughter Avalon.

Christine Brown told viewers that she feels spoiled. She said this because she spends time with her children and grandchildren. This was her lifelong dream and it finally became a reality. Christine and Truely were visiting a park with baby Ava in a troller.

The celebrity wrote in the caption of her post that it was a lovely day. Then, Miss Avalon gently walked with her grandmother to the pond in another segment. Meanwhile, Christine’s followers were happy to find her in an enchanting weather phase. They told her they love her and that she made a great decision for herself. One Tik-Tok user commented that Christine is an amazing human being and it was good to see her happy. Some also said that Kody lost a precious human being.

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