Sister Wives is Christine Brown is Blaming It All On The Pandemic

Sister Wives is Christine Brown is Blaming It All On The Pandemic

After watching the show for so many years, most fans think that Christine Brown is the one who really loves Kody Brown the most. Some also believe that she wants a monogamous relationship with the patriarch of the Brown family. Although the trailer shows that the third wife is thinking about leaving Kody Brown, it seems that all love is not lost yet. When fans started taunting him in the comments, she quickly came to his defense.

Sister Wives is Christine Brown is Blaming It All On The Pandemic

When the pandemic was in full swing, Kody Brown instructed individual families to stay home. That means that when the lockdown was in effect, she had to stay put with the children. Of course Robyn and Janelle did the same, but his third wife did not comply with her husband’s demands. She mentioned that Kody Brown wanted them to stay home during the pandemic, but also said that it didn’t happen at her house.

It seems that Janelle was the only wife who was very concerned about how the pandemic would affect their health. She was the only one who put her foot down and asked Kody Brown not to visit them because he kept going from house to house. Well, can we blame her for wanting to keep her children safe?

Fans wondered why Christine Brown was so adamant about not letting anyone tie them to her house. But over the weekend, it became a lot clearer. She posted photos of her and her children as they went to Mykelti’s baby shower . But as soon as the photo was posted on Instagram, fans started going after Kody Brown for his absence from the event.

Fans are furious with Kody Brown for not showing up for his granddaughter’s amputation. According to fans, Maddie would have felt a lot better if she had her father’s support. Moreover, Kody’s failure to show up at Mykelti’s baby shower made fans even more furious. They were already harboring resentment, and Kody Brown not attending his future grandchild’s shower was a deal-breaker.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist


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