Sister Wives: Center of Attention

Sister Wives: Center of Attention

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown may find some competition in the new season, which will certainly make the show even more entertaining for fans. Although there is usually a lot of competition in this TLC reality series, it usually comes from the Sister Wives women. But this time around, it looks like the husband of four may have to move up a notch as younger blood arrives.

Sister Wives fans have already gotten a glimpse of the man who seems to be under the skin of this shared hubby. It’s son-in-law Tony Padron. Veteran Sister Wives viewers remember how the father of 18 became so frustrated when his daughter Mykelti Brown planned her wedding.

It was as if her groom had all-around access to Kody Brown’s wallet. Back then, Sister Wives fans commented on how Tony spent his future father-in-law’s money as if it were his own. No one can forget Kody’s face when Tony thought 4,000 tacos were needed to feed the number of guests they had invited.

With 400 guests and 10 tacos per person, well, the math brought the number to 4,000. So Tony didn’t want anything to do with the same kind of tacos his future mother-in-law makes. No, Tony wanted real Mexican street tacos and not Christine’s type of tacos. Through it all, the father of the bride of Sister Wives tried to keep his cool.

Sister Wives: Center of Attention

Then Kody Brown’s little girl, Mykelti Brown, focused on Tony. So this had to annoy the father of the bride on some level. While fans have long suspected that Kody likes to be the center of attention, his friends confirmed it for Sister Wives fans. In one of the first seasons, his childhood friends embarrassed him. They told Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown that their shared hubby needed attention constantly. Fans of the Sister Wives series noted that nothing changed. His friends thought the need for constant attention was behind his marriage to four women.

So it seems that Kody likes attention but Tony seems to get attention without even trying. When Tony first appeared on Sister Wives, he didn’t have the mop of hair he has today. Fans are already making comparisons to Tony and Kody’s hair before the new season even starts.

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