Sister Wives: Things That Changed.

Sister Wives: Things That Changed.

Sister Wives celebrity Kody Brown and her four ladies are just over a week away from the start date of the new season and it looks messy. But that means more drama and that’s what Sister Wives fans are tuning in for.

At first glance, you can see that some things haven’t changed in the Sister Wives family. Those beautiful homes on Coyote Pass were never built. The land still looks as empty as the day they bought it. Then there is the saga of Meri Brown and Kody Brown. He turned her down in the last season of Sister Wives. He went so far as to say he wished he had never married her. Moving forward into the new season, one of his co-wives calls Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s relationship “sad.”

Meri Brown talks to the Sister Wives camera and says that she can’t make Kody Brown love her if he doesn’t. So, to say that this relationship is light, well, that probably seems like an understatement.

Sister Wives: Things That Changed.

Meri Brown’s attempt to win back her husband’s heart seemed almost possible. Then Kody announces that sex and romance are reserved for when you’re in love. Speaking of romance, Sister Wives fans know how much Christine Brown seeks the attention of her mutual husband.

Something seems to go wrong when Christine Brown wants to get up and move to Utah with the kids. Apparently, that’s without Kody Brown. It’s in the Sister Wives trailer for this new season. Christine Brown tells one of the co-wives that she no longer wants to stay in the marriage with their shared husband.

This is not said lightly. Christine Brown seems to have a meltdown as she says this. The tears flow and she seems inconsolable. It’s no secret that Meri and Christine Brown can barely stand each other. So, it is so strange to see Meri as the only one of the four wives to comfort her.

The relationship between Kody Brown and Robyn Brown seems strained. At one point the youngest of the Sister Wives says that one of the co-wives is sabotaging her marriage to Kody Brown. If nothing else, this is a huge change to hear Robyn talk like this. Another big change comes with Janelle Brown. She usually puts it all together and explains things regarding Kody and the other ladies. She is usually upbeat or something that isn’t too drastic.

But. Janelle now says she is concerned about separation in the family. The four individual Sister Wives homes that are located far apart from each other seem partly to blame. But it also seems that the family is faltering with Kody holding the strings of the family portfolio. One thing that definitely hasn’t changed for the family, the father of 18 claiming they’re having a tough time with money. He says in the trailer that just because they sold their homes in Las Vegas doesn’t mean they have money.

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