Sister Wives: Kody Brown Said He Had Tried To ‘rescue’ Meri Brown And ‘be Her Jesus’

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Said He Had Tried To ‘rescue’ Meri Brown And ‘be Her Jesus’

TLC Sister Wives fans have seen Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s marriage deteriorate for several seasons. Both Kody and his first wife seemed cautious and at one point found themselves in a stalemate, as they faced a series of major fractures in their relationship, such as a legal divorce in 2014 (so that Kody could adopt the children of his fourth wife Robyn Brown from a previous marriage), difficult discussions about infertility and a catfishing scandal in 2015, in which Meri flirted with a woman pretending to be a man online.

In the April 5 episode of Sister Wives, “Baby Steps,” Meri and Kody finally tried to tackle their marital problems head-on with a counseling session in Las Vegas with Nancy Hunterton, their marriage therapist. The therapist warned the couple that their dominant nature could prevent them from being vulnerable to each other and building their relationship.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Said He Had Tried To ‘rescue’ Meri Brown And ‘be Her Jesus’

Kody Brown further elaborated on his complicated relationship history with his first wife, claiming that their past had made him feel “deceived” and emotionally “insecure”.

Faced with confrontation or criticism, Kody said of Meri: “She goes completely into victim mode.

“I admit it,” Meri Brown admitted, adding that she often felt she had to protect himself from the pain within her marriage and the big Brown family.

Meri’s alleged tendency to take on a victim role, Kody claimed, had made him feel responsible for her emotional well-being over the years. The 18-year-old father said that he sometimes felt the need to “save” Meri, but in the end it went up in smoke.

“I can’t be her Jesus. I’ve been trying to do it for years… I had a rescue complex,” exclaimed the patriarch of the Sister Wives. “All I’m trying to point out here is that sometimes it’s exhausting.”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Meri Brown Opened Up About Their Failing Marriage İn A Therapy Session

Although Meri and Kody Brown did not seem to agree on many things during their counseling session, they agreed on at least one thing: their relationship, as they had known it so far, was over.

“The relationship between him and me is over. He’s dead. It’s over,” Meri said conclusively. The stars of the Sister Wives agreed that whatever went on must be “something new.

Meanwhile, Nancy called both Kody and Meri for not trying hard enough to improve their marriage. The marriage therapist suggested that Meri’s caution and emotional reactions to confrontations had probably led to some of her breakdowns in communication with her husband. “Her level of sensitivity and responsiveness was so great that to get to the deepest things… was difficult,” Nancy told Meri.

As for Kody, Nancy insisted that he was unwilling to hear any criticism of his role in breaking up his marriage to Meri, at least not at this time. “I don’t think I want to hear any criticism,” Kody admitted. “Are you serious?” Nancy asked him to disbelieve and warned him that that might stop the progress the couple could have made.

“In this relationship, I’ve come to the point where I’ve finished hearing how wrong I am,” explained the patriarch of the Sisters Wives.

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