Sister Wives: Kody Brown Speaks His Peace On Moving Back To Utah

Sister Wives: Kody Speaks His Peace On Moving Back To Utah

Sister Wives’ star, Kody Brown, reveals whether he and his family will return to Utah. The state has just decriminalized polygamy over the weekend, and that change is history. So, it might make sense for the Brown family to move back to Utah. But the Brown family wants to go back there in a hurry?

Sister Wives: Kody Speaks His Peace On Moving Back To Utah

The star of Sister Wives no longer has any interest in returning to Utah. That’s because he and his family didn’t feel safe when they first lived there. They received a lot of hatred for their polygamous lifestyle. This means that the Brown family will not return to Utah even though the state decriminalized polygamy on Sunday, March 29, as in In Touch Weekly.

Kody Brown tweeted if the new legislation would inspire his family to come home. And he doesn’t seem interested in going back to Utah. Even if he misses his family and friends, he’d never reconsider. Kody also thinks the state took too long to pass a law.

Kody and his four wives lived in Utah in the first season of Sister Wives. They had to move to Las Vegas in 2011 because the practice of polygamy was considered a crime in the state. Kody also filed a complaint against the governor of Utah. At first he hoped Utah would change legislation so they could go home, but he changed his mind and they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Kody’s not the only one talking about it. His second wife, Janelle, was happy about the move. She went to Instagram to celebrate the historic moment.

“Good news! After passing the state legislature almost unanimously, religious polygamy is no longer a crime.

The Sister Wives fans are also happy to hear about the announcement. But just because some members of the cast are happy, it doesn’t mean they plan to move back to Utah soon.

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