Sister Wives: Navigating a Split

Sister Wives: Navigating a Split

Sister Wives star Meri Brown reveals a breakup with Kody Brown, but it’s a lot more complicated than just a man and his bride calling it quits. For lack of a better term, TLC stars Meri and Kody have “split” when it comes to their marital relationship. Kody Brown himself has said that he is no longer living with Meri. Now Meri Brown sheds more light on where this Sister Wives couple stands today.

With the new season of Sister Wives releasing tonight, fans get a sense of where Meri and Kody Brown stand in the scheme of things. All the turmoil from last season seems to be present in the new season 15. But the first bride of the family explained a few things before the first episode aired.

When the new Sister Wives trailer appeared, it showed a few different clips of both this husband and his first bride. Kody Brown described how sex and romance are reserved for people in love. Meri stated that she cannot make Kody Brown love her.From this alone, it seemed that Meri was still trying to salvage her marriage to Kody. But it also seemed that the brick wall of rejection from the Sister Wives patriarch remained in place.

Sister Wives: Navigating a Split

In a traditional marriage, a divorce usually means that the couple resides separately. The children either sleep with one parent or take turns with both, spending half their time with each parent. But this Sister Wives marriage consists of more than a husband and children; his other three wives are also part of his family.

Meri Brown and Kody Brown already live separately and share an adult child together, so no custody issues come into play. It seems that since the couple already lives separately, there wasn’t much to divide, geographically speaking.

The matriarch of Sister Wives stays with the family. A separation for them appears much more complicated than in a traditional marriage. Like, who gets custody of Christine, Janelle and Robyn Brown?

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  1. I quit the show completely, I think. While we still are home more, I would have liked a show where this could have brought out how all faith is good in the Lord and isn’t necessary, we believe alike (My personal beliefs are much different). We do not need all to share the same beliefs. Kody was not mature enough to carry the show. Meri was the one who worked the hardest and got hurt the most. She allowed other wives etc., to come in and tried to work with them. You can easily see how Jannell controlled Kody and how jealous she was of Meri. She made very sure they broke up. I would have continued watching but not with Kody or Jannell. I would have liked to had a good show where this works. They are some who can and do make this work and live whole lives together. I only knew one family personally who has done this, and it did work out really well. The man had 3 wives, but only two children later adopted one who was in the family and needed a family member to take in. The wives each held good-paying jobs, and so did he. The only one who was staying home with the kids was a dentist, and the plan was to go back to work and change places with another wife. They practiced birth control and did not plan on dozens of kids. I haven’t seen or heard from them many years but asked and found out all still together, retired and grandkids. The wives all live in the same house and still all take vacations together and celebrate life as one family. They are closet, and most of the world doesn’t know. I do believe in their marriage and their faith (not my personal beliefs by any means). Kody wasn’t into caring for anyone and certainly not Meri. That is very sad. Jealous cruel as the grave, and you see by Jannell actions; she did not stop until she turned Kody against Meri. SAD!

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