Sister Wives: Kody Has No More Love in His Heart

Sister Wives: Kody Has No More Love in His Heart

Sister Wives co-star Kody Brown has been on the air with his four wives for a long time. This TLC show features Meri Brown, his first wife, who has admitted that they have had struggles in the past. In fact, last season fans saw much of this struggle between Kody Brown and Meri Brown. His second wife, Janelle Brown, a very successful real estate agent, seems to question the faith. Since she is the only one who did not grow up in the life, she might want to go back.

His third wife, Christine Brown, has made it clear that she is there for unity and love. The whole point of plural marriage is the sister wives and their relationship. At least, that’s according to her. Kody Brown’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown, joined their extended family at the beginning of the show. She also had a very difficult time with Kody Brown last season.

Sister Wives: Kody Has No More Love in His Heart

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown has had difficult times with his wives before. More so with this woman, Meri Brown. For these women, living in a plural marriage is so much more than just having a husband and a family. It is about loving and caring for your sister wives and their children and creating unity for the family.

While the dynamics of a plural family may be challenging for some people to understand, it is the everyday life of these people. There is genuine love between these women that fans see. They also see the hardships with their husbands, people pointing out that Kody Brown does not love Meri and that she should leave. Although Kody Brown has said, he wants to try to make it work.

In a new Sister Wives 2021 update, we get the scoop from Janelle Brown on why they all live in plural marriages. The whole point, according to her, is to learn not to be selfish. Janelle asks her Sister Wives, and they tell all about their experiences with plural marriage. Kody Brown surprises everyone with what he says. He tells his four wives that he doesn’t want to be an advocate for plural marriage.

Robyn says that this may not be what she had in mind. Kody Brown says he doesn’t want to encourage this kind of family because he sees how unfair it is to everyone.

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