Sister Wives: Christine Gives Robyn Brown Competition, Fans Think

Sister Wives: Christine Gives Robyn Brown Competition, Fans Think

Christine Brown sometimes comes across as rather jealous of Kody Brown, so is she giving Robyn Brown some competition? Fans wondered when she shared a photo on Instagram on February 17.

In the premiere episode of Sister Wives, Christine told Robyn Brown that she doesn’t feel loved by the other wives in the family. But most TLC fans think Kody Brown favors Robyn over all the other wives.

Sister Wives: Christine Gives Robyn Brown Competition, Fans Think

Robyn Brown feels confident as Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle hate that she joined the family. In the premiere, she resorted to her usual “Sobbin Robyn” persona and Janelle rushed over and hugged her. Meri Brown, who is a little wiser on the subject of polygamy, said she understood how Robyn felt.

But Christine Brown claimed that she felt like the odd one out and hated by the others. So, Robyn Brown told her that she was sad that Christine Brown felt that way. Fans know that Christine Brown has seemed less happy lately.

That could indicate that Kody Brown reportedly spent most of the quarantine with Robyn Brown. Most TLC fans are convinced that he doesn’t love the other women anymore. But if he does, it’s not Robyn’s fault. After all, she won’t dump him to keep the rest of the family happy. Fans know that Christine Brown struggles with jealousy. People reminded fans that she confessed as much in the premiere. She said, “I still get jealous, I still get super, super, super jealous.” But outside the show, Christine Brown looks great and fans suggest she’s giving Robyn some competition.

On February 17, Christine resorted to Instagram and shared a beautiful photo of herself standing on the balcony. The view of the snow-capped mountains around Flagstaff looked stunning. And many Sister Wives fans commented on it. But even more of them commented on how fabulous Christine looked.

Well, if Christine Brown is feeling jealous and hoping to pull Kody Brown’s attention away from Robyn for five seconds, she just might. One fan wrote, “You have lost so much weight, you look amazing.”

Other Sister Wives fans also praised her blouse, her figure and her beauty. But one in particular got right to the point. They wrote, “Giving Robyn a little healthy competition there …. LOVE II.” But many people also talked about how Christine Brown shouldn’t waste her time looking good for Kody Brown. Some of them suggested that she get out of it altogether. Instead of competing with Robyn, she should find a man who loves her and her alone.

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