Sister Wives: What Was The Final Straw For Christine?

Sister Wives: What Was The Final Straw For Christine?

Christine Brown has decided to leave her husband Kody Brown. The announcement, made in November 2021, came as little surprise to Brown family followers. However, the 16th season of Sister Wives will show fans just how bad things got between the couple who spent 27 years together. Now fans are coming to Christine’s defence, pointing out that Kody’s treatment of his third wife was particularly harsh and unfair in the years leading up to their split.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown seemed to have a serious disagreement during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The former flames had very different ways of dealing with the growing threat of the virus. Christine’s protocols were, admittedly, lax. She travelled quite extensively and organised large family events. Kody Brown, along with his fourth wife Robyn Brown, took more serious precautions.

Regardless of who was right or wrong about these precautions, Sister Wives fans are angry at Kody Brown for the way he treated Christine. Many fans are against Kody because he assumed Christine wanted a “vacation” when she decided to travel to New Jersey for Ysabel Brown’s surgery.

TLC cameras captured Ysabel’s scoliosis journey over several seasons. Despite back braces and other interventions, the teen was in increasing pain. Brown family watchers note that Kody Brown didn’t seem to have the same reaction when his other wife, Janelle Brown, traveled to North Carolina around the same time. Janelle travelled to be by her grandson’s side while he underwent surgery.

Sister Wives: What Was The Final Straw For Christine?

While Christine and Kody Brown’s marriage is over in real time, the 16th season of “Sister Wives” picks up about a year apart. The show does seem to cover the lead-up to her decision. Whether or not fans will see the moment she decides to divorce this season remains to be seen. That hasn’t stopped Brown family watchers from debating what finally forced Christine to give up on her marriage.

Some viewers believe that Kody’s treatment of Ysabel before her surgery was the final straw for Christine. Others argue that Kody Brown’s rejection of Christine’s request to move back to Utah spelled the doom of the marriage. At this point, we just don’t know. Christine has decided not to share this information with fans and followers just yet. The mother of six has made it clear that TLC will reflect her decision at some point in the broadcast. Whether that will be this season or in a future season remains unclear.

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