Welcome to Plathville: Why Olivia Plath And Ethan Plath Sold Their House.

Welcome to Plathville: Why Olivia Plath And Ethan Plath Sold Their House.

The drama of Welcome to Plathville became more intense this year. Sometime before October 2021, Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath sold their home in Georgia to move elsewhere.

This obviously wasn’t something Barry Plath and Kim Plath wanted to happen, but it eventually became reality. Here’s what you should know about the sale of the couple’s Georgia home and all that’s going on in their family dynamic.

Welcome to Plathville: Why Olivia Plath And Ethan Plath Sold Their House.

At 23 years old, Ethan Plath is the eldest son of Barry Plath and Kim Plath. He married Olivia, who was raised in a much less strict and conservative family than his own.

Because her parents didn’t raise her by as many religious rules, Barry and Kim weren’t her biggest fans. In simpler terms, they don’t agree with Olivia’s influence on Ethan and don’t want her outlook on life to affect him or their other children.

The second season of Welcome to Plathville showed the estrangement between Ethan and his parents. Things got really bad when Barry Plath and Kim Plath moved from their farm to a house a few minutes away from where Olivia Plath And Ethan Plath lived. They seemed to be impeding the young couple’s space and privacy. At some point, Olivia and Ethan decided that the smartest thing for them to do would be to leave Georgia.

Unfortunately, it seems that Olivia Plath And Ethan Plath’s marriage is not as strong as it once was. Family drama has done its best to creep in and tear them apart. Olivia wanted to move to Florida with Ethan, but it doesn’t look like their relationship is going to survive. Whether they plan to move to Florida or not, Ethan certainly wants to get out of Cairo, Ga.

Ethan was able to make a nice profit on the sale of his Georgia home. According to The Sun, he originally purchased the home in April 2018 for $109,000. When September 2021 came around, he was able to sell the home for $150,000. He definitely came out on top financially with this sale. It’s possible that Olivia Plath And Ethan Plath will work things out and move into a new place together, but based on what we’ve seen on the show, moving away from his parents and siblings is extremely emotionally challenging for him. If he’s somehow able to continue to stay close to Olivia and at the same time maintain relationships with his family, things could work out.

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