Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath Surprised at Work by Father Barry

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath Surprised at Work by Father Barry

Barry and Kim Plath raised their nine children on a rural farm in Georgia. And they protected their children from outside influences. Welcome to Plathville. Mother Kim trained the children at home.

So they really only had their siblings as friends. And the parents restricted their access to the internet, TV and radio. That effectively kept the family isolated and uninformed about the real world. The Plath’s even restricted their children’s diet without sugar.

Viewers watched at the beginning of the second season of Welcome to Plathville when Moriah Plath and her brother Micah Kim and Barry Plath confronted them. The siblings said they felt that their parents had not prepared them for the world. And that their parents should have given them a more balanced upbringing. Moriah felt that her adulthood and growth was behind the other children of her age. And that it was because of the way she had been raised. And that her social interactions and relationships also suffered.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath Surprised at Work by Father Barry

This confrontation came after Micha and Moriah Plath left the household of Welcome to Plathville. The two annoyed the strict rules that the Plath parents had set for them. And Moriah wanted to have more life experiences. So Moriah went to Minnesota in the summer to stay with her grandparents. While she was there, Moriah learned yoga and fell in love with it. After she and Micah rented their own house, Moriah worked in a gym as a yoga instructor to support herself.

Recently, Barry Plath and Isaac came to the gym where Moriah worked. Then they went to her classroom and waved their arms in the back to attract her attention. Barry Plath even called Moriah’s name to say hello. Moriah was shocked and didn’t know how to feel. She continued teaching the class when her family Welcome to Plathville pretended to do the movements in the back. Then Barry and Isaac shouted goodbye and left the room.

Barry Plath claimed that Moriah and Micah’s visit had made him and Welcome to Plathville wife Kim think. And that they realized that they needed to support their children better. So, Barry thought that surprising Moriah Plath at work would show that she supported her and her choice of work. He said it’s not what they wanted for Moriah. But that they were proud of her for making her own way and for her hard work.

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