Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath Is ‘Wild, Crazy And Free’

Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath Is 'Wild, Crazy And Free'

Welcome to Plathville has been a hit for TLC since its November 2019 premiere, thanks to the show’s stars, the Plaths, who, like the infamous Duggars, live a rather unconventional lifestyle, which of course makes for great TV.

According to the network, the 9 Plath children were raised with strict religious parents in rural Georgia and “have never had soda, don’t know who Spider-Man or Tom Brady is and have never watched TV.” You might say it’s rather ironic that a bunch of people who have never watched TV or know who celebrities are are now reality TV stars themselves.

Yet things have changed significantly for some of the older Plath children, who have decided to leave their parental home to live a modern life away from their parents’ strict rules.

Perhaps the most rebellious of the Plath brood is Moriah Plath, who has really come into her own since moving away from the family farm and moving in with her brother, Micah Plath, to finally live life on her own terms.

Moriah Plath is an open book, not only in Welcome to Plathville but also on her social media, where she discusses her journey from a sheltered child to an independent young woman who continues to learn things about the “outside world” and have new experiences every day. But despite Moriah’s willingness to share her story honestly, there are still things about the reality star that even fans don’t know, so let’s get it straight.

Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath Is ‘Wild, Crazy And Free’

It’s safe to say that Moriah Plath is finally living her life the way she wants to, after years of having to follow her parents’ super strict rules.

The Welcome to Plathville star wasted no time finding ways to express her independence, including getting a tattoo that read “black heart.” 

And a year later, Moriah doesn’t seem to regret it. She took to Instagram to share why being able to get tattoos is important to her and how she even wants more, writing, “I know there will be objections but never once have I regretted this tattoo and it will always be my choice! … at the end of the day this is MY life.” It seems that for Moriah, the tattoo is a symbol of her freedom to finally make her own choices.

Moriah also decided to leave her blonde hair, as she is used to from Plath, and dye her hair bright purple. She showed off her new look on Instagram with a photo caption that certainly sums up her whole vibe saying, “Wild, crazy and free.” 

Moriah is also free to dress however she wants. In one episode, the teen explained how when she was still living with her parents, “Jeans or any type of tank top was out of the question. Swimsuits were an absolute no.” These days, Moriah regularly shows off shorts, crop tops and bikinis on Instagram. As her sister-in-law Olivia Plath once posted in her comments, “You do you, boo.”

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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